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Open Meeting Calendar 2019

Laser Bartley Bear Sprints, 20th Jan, 17th Feb 2019

Merlin Rocket Silver Tiller, Sunday 31st March 2019

2019 Merlin Rocket Open NOR

2019 Merlin Rocket Open Meeting SI

Supernova Open, Sunday 7th April 2019

2019 Supernova Open Meeting NOR

2019 Supernova Open Meeting SI

RYA Midlands Junior Series Finale, Sunday 15th Sept 2019

2019 Junior Regatta NOR/SI

Laser Midland Grand Prix Finale, Sunday 13th October 2019


Results of Open Meetings are listed on the "Results" Page

All Visitors attending Open Events at Bartley SC are kindly reminded that upon arrival all boats must be rinsed in the boat wash area. This is a Severn Trent stipulation, so please arrive early enough prior to your racing to rinse your dinghy!

Please find the generic entry form for open meetings below:

Bartley Open Events Form (pdf)

Please email the completed form to your Open Event Organiser or alternatively bring it on the day with your payment.

Bartley Sailing Club organise most events to run on Sundays, however visitors to an Open Event are invited to race during the club racing on Saturdays if they wish; please contact the event organiser prior to arriving at the club so we are pre-notified of your intentions.

Boats can also be stored on site overnight if required.

Camping - Accommodation

Whilst we don’t have a large grass area camping is possible and our car park can accommodate a limited number of camper vans. Please check with your event organiser to confirm arrangements.

There are a number of Travelodges and Premier Inns (or similar) close by to provide alternative accommodation.


The club has food available throughout the day from Tilly's Galley. Please pre-order your lunch before you go afloat in order to reduce delays to the racing.

Hot drinks are available at all times.


Bartley Sailing Club has a relatively small Car Park therefore we kindly ask visitors to remove road base trailers from their cars and park them at the top of the dinghy park so that car spaces are not taken up needlessly.

Open Meeting Contacts

Merlin Rocket                  Mark Reddington               

Supernova                       Garry Butterfield                   

Juniors                              Simon Hardiman                

Laser                                 John Ling                            

RS400                               John Knight                        

Windsurfing                    John Pete