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Boat Park Spring Audit

The Spring audit of the boat park is taking place and now is a good time to remind members to notify the Club if there are any changes in the use of a boat space.

Please do not bring additional boats to the Club without prior approval, as an unoccupied boat space does not mean it is unallocated.

Club Rules do not allow road trailers to be left on site. However, this rule is not currently enforced, in recognition of the difficulty in storing them at home.

In order for this facility to continue, please store trailers sensibly. They can be left under a dinghy, preferably immobilised, as long as they are not a hazard to other dinghies or members.

Alternatively, they can be left immobilised alongside, or secured to, the top boundary fence. The road trailer should be labelled indicating the boat space it belongs to and the appropriate fee paid to Mark Perrigo.

There are currently a number of unsecured and/ or unidentified trailers lying aound. If one of these is yours, please secure and identify it prior to the Club AGM on 21st April.

After this date, such trailers will be disposed of at scrap or market value.

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