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Where have all the Supernovas gone?

Well - you can find out as they travel to the Nationals this weekend and all get fitted out with a GPS tracker which will post their positions real time as they race around the course. So if you wish to know which Hawley is getting the upperhand or whether Gary or Mike are leading the Masters then get on line, search for the Supernova class association Facebook site or webpage and get linked up. 

If this all sounds a bit techie then come to the club and get a great result - with all the Supernovas at the nationals it is a great opportunity to move up the Club series leaderboard!

And if you want to know the odds for our sailors - taken straight from the Supernova website:

Gold fleet:

Team Bartley 
Chris Hawley:
Odds of winning - Hell freezing over 
2018 result (out of 114) - 15th
The best thing about the Chairman's sailing is his boat - certainly one of the best looking boats that has been made. The fluorescent orange and black machine is sure to be spotted on the race course. Chris is never going to win the event and if it is more than a force 3 - 4 is likely to be propping up the gold fleet table.

Steve Hawley:
Odds of winning - "Worth a quid"
2018 result (out of 114) - 20th
Will 8 spin classes a week win you the nationals? No. But it might win you a race or two. Even more determined than ever and king of the ridiculous commitment to an outside "bang the corners" approach. On form following a strong performance at Carsington last weekend.

Garry Butterfield:
Odds of winning - Needle in a haystack?
2018 result (out of 114) - 18th
The Bartley fleet captain and the 2018 Noble Marine travellers champion. Currently in the top 2 in the travellers and winner of one open this year. Keeps himself out of trouble on the racecourse, despite sailing an "Aquafresh" coloured boat.

Mike Gibson:
Odds of winning - I wouldn't bet against him
2018 result (out of 114) - 12th
Previous national champion and multiple inland champion. Known as Mr Consistent and always in the mix, less so on the sea though. If Mike gets his head in gear has the potential to leave the fleet standing. Best performance usually in the mid-airs when the sea is flat.

Sam Knight:
Odds of winning - Roll of a dice?
2018 result (out of 114) - 1st
Sam rocked up last year, won, then left again. A talented sailor and winner of several prestigious events (Steve Nic etc). Sam has once again borrowed one of the newest boats in the fleet and will be looking to defend his crown. Sam weighs less than a gnat, will he be on form if the wind gods get fruity.

Chris Bownes:
Odds of winning - Untested!
2018 result (out of 114) - DNA
Chris is brand new to the fleet, but has been performing well this year at club and open level. You can liken him to the Big Friendly Giant, and wears a signature rash vest over 3 or 4 buoyancy aids to make himself look tough. Will absolutely be at the sharp end of the results if it blows - the only discretionary boat in the Gold fleet.

Silver fleet:

  • Jeremy Higson - Untested in a supernova other than last year's nationals. A quality sailor and he certainly knows which way to point a laser - definitely one to watch, this year in a Mark2e

Good luck to all our sailors - Bartley S.C. expects great things!

Stop Press - News just in - Well done to Garry Butterfield, David Stephen, and Stuart Stephen for representing Bartley at the Attenborough SC Supernova Open last week. Garry posted 5th overall and 2nd Master - keep up the good work!

Sundays - come on down and enjoy the water!
Laser win at Nottingham S.C.


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Tuesday, 07 July 2020

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