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Week 1 in the Bartley S.C. Lockdown - Things to do when there is no sailing #1

Every day is a school day so they say. Rather than wallow in self pity as I can't do the sport I love just now, I decided that it was finally time to up-skill myself. 

Some of you may be in the generation that remember Mr Ben on childrens TV; an adventurer who would change outfits he had seen in a shopkeeper's window ready to take on whatever the episode threw at him. It had a famous line when Mr Ben had finished his quest at the end of the show that went 'and as if by magic the shopkeeper appeared' . This was the cue that the adventure was over, Mr Ben changed back into his normal clothes and went on his way.

I am reminded of this quote as every time I tie a bowline on my boat because 'as if by magic Colin Staite appears' reminding me that a splice is twice as nice as a knot and much stronger. My staple response has been 'yes, but I have never had a rope break at the knot' to basically hide the fact that I have no clue how to splice a modern rope!

So when I was sent home from work on Tuesday for the foreseeable future I immediately invested in some fids off Amazon that arrived soon after. I unwrapped them and discovered 'everyday is a school day #2' as the instructions are in French! Not to worry - I found a Londoner and an American who could help me out on Youtube and off I went.

Rope without a core - no problem - everything in the house of this construct now has a spliced loop in it. 

Rope with a core - flippin' heck - who thought that was a good idea? After 1/2 hr with skin worn thin on both hands I finally managed one rather pathetic loop and hundreds of new expletives! I think I will leave it a few days before I try to master that one...

I hope you are all well, doing whatever you are managing to do, whilst at home and are following the government guidance for the benefit of all. Keep safe and well, and I will keep sending out a blog from time to time to remind us all that there is a great stretch of water waiting for us all at the end of this.

Three of my efforts below - marks out of 10?

Virtual Regatta Coming to Bartley S.C.
Bartley S.C. All Activity Suspended Until Further ...


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Monday, 06 April 2020

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