With series 2 of VR Inshore drawing to a close and series 3 ready to start you may be wondering what you need to do to get to the front of the fleet. Here are a few tips:

  • Don't infringe – it may seem a pain to tack off or go around someone but it is much quicker than a 10s penalty. Use the space bar if you are not confident with the controls
  • VMG is the best help there is for fast boats (but you don't need it for the slow ones)– you know you are always sailing at the optimum speed for where you are on the course
  • Go on a public race – The first race gives you all the 'helps' so you can see how much of a wind shadow other boats cast (light areas on the water vs the dark areas where wind is strong), see the wind angle (3 wind socks in the circle in the top left), VMG so you are always pointing well relative to the wind, layline so you know when to tack for the mark, and distance to start so you can be going full speed. You can then decide for yourself which are the biggest help. For each public race you do you will get either a green coin to 'buy' a race help or a blue sticker so you can pimp your boat so worth doing regardless of your position.
  • The wind strength can be seen in the circle in the top left. Dark areas are strong wind, lighter is less wind. Head for the strong wind areas.
  • Room at the mark doesn't apply in VR – port / starboard and windward / leeward are the only rules so watch out!
  • Luff gradually or you get the penalty
  • If you really want a port start and the line is congested infringe with 10s to go and start on port by the committee boat. You lose a couple of seconds but if that is the side with all the wind you soon get the advantage.
  • If you don't complete a manoeuvre then you take the infringement. If you want to gybe to starboard but there is a boat to leeward head up a bit so you can complete you gybe and then take them out... 
  • If you have eyesight like mine play the game on a laptop rather than your phone. The controls are a bit more clunky but at least you can see the VMG windsock!

Good luck it all and keep racing as the big races are the most fun.