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Sailing Committee Updates

Sailing Committee Updates

Here are some of the updates from Wednesdays' Committee meeting:


It seems that the Buoys at the top of the lake all made a bid for freedom over the winter. All are now back in place and anchored firmly (thanks Dan and John). They are not in exactly the same place as before by design as tree growth on the shoreline had put #2 in a big wind shadow so it is now further away from the bank.

Saturday Sailing Series:

The Series will continue to consist of 3 race series (morning handicap 1, early afternoon Pursuit, afternoon handicap 2) with the same scoring rules as the Winter series so helms can either pick their favourite race series to qualify for or why not do all three?

The morning Handicap 1 remains the race with a Novice / Junior start and series.

The scoring is to be amended to score helms rather than boats. This enables helms to sail double handers, single handers, different rig sizes, and with different crews. Changing boats will impact their ‘fleet’ series if helms move outside of a fleet (e.g. sailing a Solo and an RS400 during the same series) however it will make it easier to qualify for the overall series and is aimed to improve flexibility as circumstances and wind conditions change. If a 2 man boat wins a series prize then it will be up to the helm to nominate the crew they feel is most deserving of the award.

The exciting change is the introduction of a quarterly ‘End of Series Club Regatta’. The premise is ‘work together, sail together, and relax together’. The day will start with a working party to keep on top of those maintenance jobs that stack up over the year, followed by a standalone 2 pursuit race regatta. Then straight after sailing has finished there will be prize giving for the series (Saturday and Sunday series) and prize giving for the regatta with some food and entertainment.

The series dates have moved slightly to accommodate these club regattas so that they don’t fall on bank holidays. This means that the Spring 2018 series will be a few weeks shorter than usual, and subsequent series will be 1 race shorter than current to accommodate the ‘End of Series Regatta’.

The first Club Regatta will be on the 16th June where 2017 series prizes, and Winter / Spring 2018 series prizes will be awarded so please put the date in the diary. (Club diary will be updated shortly with full dates and times).

We want to have a bit of fun with these quarterly events so why not swap boats for the day or crew for a different helm? There are plenty of juniors / novices in the club who are now getting experience (especially with the RS400 fleet) why not sail the regatta with a junior / novice crew?

Finally – Sunday sailors and Open meetings

It is the easy option to organise Opens on Sundays as the water has significantly fewer water users. However, the current policy of closing the water to club racers has been reviewed and deemed unnecessary. Going forward Sunday races will continue in parallel with the Opens in a designated section of the water. We will monitor during the year to confirm this compromise is a good one.

The club notice of race and sailing instructions will be published as revision 3 on the website shortly to reflect the changes above.

A copy of the Sailing Committee meeting minutes can be found on the club notice board – if you have anything you want to raise please do so via your fleet captain (RS 400: Sam and John Knight, Laser: John Ling, Supernova: Garry Butterfield, Solo: David Badger, Junior: Simon Hardiman, Menagerie: Steve Ward, General: Graham Blackwell / Nick Eaves)

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