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Now where’s that form…?

A new member arrives and wants a membership form – do you know where to get one?

The OOD runs out of sign on sheets – where are they?

A member cuts themselves – where is the accident form?

I want a protest form – where can I find a blank one?

We used to sign on for rescue duty – do we still do that and where do we do that?

Here are the race results – where do I put them?

The answer used to be 'have a look behind the bar' to all of these questions but with the bar now staffed by members 'on demand' it is often locked up and no forms can be found anywhere so we have a little grumble about who should have done what and how it wouldn't have happened in 1987 and then find a blank piece of paper and 'make do'.

This isn't a great system so when I was gifted a document holder I knew exactly what use it could be put to.

Now we have a place to store all these forms. The document holder is right next to the bar as you enter the club house and turn right into the dry area you will see it on your left hand side. It is clearly labelled with its contents so you can quickly locate what you need. It is easy to see when forms need replenishing too so we shouldn't run out.

Aside from blank forms there is also a place for completed race results for Mark to collect and load to dutyman and there is also an OOD Duty Report form to be completed.

The OOD Duty Report is new. It is designed to cover 3 main areas:

1) Safety – Did the crew turn up (please sign in)? Who didn't keep their commitment (record names for follow up)?

2) Incidents / accidents – Did anything happen during the duty that shouldn't have?

3) Repairs – Was anything not there or not working properly?

Please could OODs complete this form on the day of their duty and leave it in the assigned form holder – example below.

I will be printing off various forms over the coming weeks to stock the holders. In the meantime please familiarise yourself with what is there and how to use it. If you have any improvement ideas or other useful forms we should have available let me know and I can always update it (email ).


Simon Hardiman

End of Series Regatta Saturday 14th December
Ollie Wins the Bartley Bear


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