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Notice from the Bosun

Our Bosun Dan Earthquake produces a very comprehensive report on the state of the club equipment each week for the Sailing Committee to review. There are a few points that require communication as follows:

1) The club has 2 battery chargers to keep the power boat batteries charged ready for use. Flat battery = no starter motor = no resuce cover = no sailing. During the last week both chargers have been removed from the garage, one of which was screwed in place. If anyone has any information as to their whereabouts please e-mail

2) There are 2 buoys on the reservoir marking underwater obstructions; one protecting loose cables halfway along the dam, the other protecting a concrete stack between marks 0 and 1. Please do not move or remove these as they are in place to ensure your foils are protected.

3) 2 weeks ago the propeller on the Avon RIB was replaced. It is now damaged again and requires filling. Please could all powerboat drivers take care especially in shallow water rescue situations and when recovering the boats from the water. Unfortunately the fight between concrete and metal prop only has one winner! (Note when bringing ribs ashore use the 'up' switch on the gear to lift the prop slightly whilst still keeping it submerged to minimise risk, and use the winch on the trailer to pull the boat onto the trailer rather than the throttle to drive it on).

4) A place for everything and everything in its place; Dan has done a great job of drawing diagrams and labelling in the garage to ensure boats and equipment are stored in the right place. Howard clearly marked the cupboard in the club house by the bar for the powerboat equipment to ensure each boat is safety compliant. Please return everything to where it should be. In recent weeks keys have been found where they shouldn't have been and items have disappeared from the garage and then reappeared a few weeks later.

5) Damage / removing items from site. If you damage equipment or notice damage then please report this immediately so we can fix it or make interim arrangements. If you are removing club equipment from site to borrow for a regatta or upgrade / overhaul then please discuss with the Bosun / Sailing Committee before doing so

Finally, Dan does a fantastic job to keep the powerboats working week after week despite all of the challenges we give him. If you see him bimbling by the garage stop and have a chat and thank him for the great work he does.


Sailing Committee

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Thursday, 01 October 2020

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