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New system for Duty Crews

New system for Duty Crews

To all duty crews

Over the last month we have spent a considerable amount of money and time sorting the safety boat fleet at Bartley.

Costs have included £200 for Kill cords , £200 for hatches damaged by concrete weights in the Black Humber RIB and £400 for new dry bags which I will go into further detail below.

I thank you all for your continued consideration for protecting the props as the damage has been low last year especially considering the fluctuating water levels we have experienced during year.

There is a new system in place for collecting and returning the safety boat keys and kill cords in place at the club. We are using the cupboard in the main club room to hang the keys and kill cords and new safety bags. Each hook is labelled for the boats and so are the bags.

The cupboard will be locked in the near future and the key will be on the duty keys, this is to prevent access by people using the room for functions.

download 1

Please draw your bags and keys for the boats you require from the day but do not use them if the hook has a red label hanging on it as the boat will be offline. O.O.D. Please note in the picture there is a race results box on the door and place result sheets in there if Mark Reddington is not available to take them off you at the end of racing. Could all duty crews please place the safety bag and keys back on the correct hook at the end of the day and Not leave them in the boats. and the O.O.D. Is responsible for locking the cupboard at the end of the day and handing the duty keys back to the bar.
The safety bags will have the following kit - Safety Knife, Whistle, First Aid Kit, Spare Kill cord, mini multi tool and a survival blanket. Please only use the knife in an emergency not for general boat bimbling as they need to remain sharp in an emergency.
They are all vacuum packed as you can see in the picture below.
  IMG 0694 
If you use the kits for any reason please inform me or leave a note in the cupboard so I can replace 
and repack
the bags if required.Please use the tear point in the bags if you need to open them as it will be easier, this is shown in the

Please do not mix the bags or the keys up, Please help me to keep the kit in the right order you never
know you might be the person who needs it one day!Thanks Howard!!!
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Thursday, 20 February 2020

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