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My first Rutland RS400 Sprint 2016


Fear not..get your wetsuit on and give the RS400 Sprints a go...for a full on, all action and great fun few days.


If like me you have never ventured out from the comfort of your own club house for competitive sailing then give the RS sprints ago, you will not be disappointed. 

This being the first RS400 Sprint I have attended, you can imagine I was nervous and full of trepidation looking out at a much larger Rutland open water with a steady wind and a few gusts thrown in. Looking around me at all the experienced sailors I did question myself...along with a few expletives under my breath!...but hey you have to step out of your own comfort zone occasionally!

Gear all checked...myself and Guy set off to the start line, once on the water the nerves had settled, with the sun shimmering off the water and RS sail boats all around it was a wonderful sight to behold.  

During the first few races I was just getting to grips with it all but being over keen going into the Gybe too hot, twice we went over. Guy was brilliant at getting the boat back up... 30 seconds back in the boat, spinnaker back up and off we go again...he should be in the formula one team!

The rest of the races we stayed upright with a few hairy moments when I decided to nearly fall off the back until Guy dragged me back in, all good fun. Exhilarating fast downwind legs ... final leg hit with gust and we shot off like a pocket rocket ... over the finish line, sails flying, big smiles and high fives.

At the end we came near the bottom of the table (only by a few points) but still had a great sense of achievement, good team work and lots of fun.

Rutland has an excellent sailing club, full English breakfast, cheap overnight digs and friendly faces. We had a great Saturday evening meal at the Local Pub with fellow members from Bartley Sailing Club, including plenty of banter thrown in for good measure.

All I can suggest if you have never done a 'Sprint' before just go for the experience, you will not regret it, also a great learning curve to improve your sailing skills. 

So step out of your comfort zone and give the RS400 Sprints ago,  full on, all action and great company, what more could you ask for....would be great to see you there. Cheers guys and girls for a great weekend :)


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Thursday evening series 28th April


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