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Committee Meeting Actions - October

 The committee held their October Meeting and there are some activities that members may wish to help out with:

Price structure - this has been the same for years. Nigel Hudson, Chris Bownes, and Steve Ward are conducting some benchmarking and evaluation to determine the best structure going forward. If you are passionate about membership prices and categories please link up with one of the team to offer your views and support.

Sailing boat inventory - the club boat inventory is under review. Which boats do you like? Which don't you like? what would you like to see in the club fleet? Are you a member who just wants to use club boats without the hassle of ownership in which case would you support a hire scheme to book the club boats out for a small cost to cover maintenance ? Would you be prepared to volunteer to assist with maintaining the club boats? If any of this is of interest to you please liaise with Benn Freeman at Andrew Simpson Centre Birmingham or with Nigel Hudson

Changing rooms - its getting cold and we want to get them open. They are taped up ready for social distancing and we are now just working on a cleaning contract to ensure they are cleaned down in a Covid-19 secure manner

New member assimilation - We have lots of new members (great), we don't have a great way of integrating them into the workings of the club (not great), so we need to get that fixed - anyone who thinks they can help here (especially new members who have recent experience from the customer point of view) please get in touch with Jennifer Foort

Intruder alarm - it keeps being a problem when sensors are not aligned (especially when the ladies changing room fire escape is not closed). If you are locking up and the alarm is flagging an issue it is usually that this door or the fire escape door by the bar isn't correctly closed. We will be replacing the fire escape doors in the changing rooms shortly which should help this.

Pot holes - they are there and we plan to fill them. We have costed re-surfacing the service road but it would use up all available funds (and some) so that is on the back burner for now - in the mean time if you do drive a vehicle into the turning circle please go slowly so as not to cause any further surface damage and prolong the life of what we have.

Lockdown - what are the implications for the club?
***Topper Open Postponed until 1st November*** Clu...


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Tuesday, 24 November 2020

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