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Club Conditions of Participation from 4th July 2020

Following developments in government advice and the stance on boating recommended by the RYA the committee have decided to open Bartley SC for recreational watersports on the following basis:

Aim: To enable those who wish to participate in exercise to do so through recreational watersports at a safe social distance within the government and RYA guidelines. To enable the galley to serve food and the bar to serve drinks in line with government guidelines applicable from 4th July 2020

Summary: From 4th July 2020 recreational sailing and a simplified race programme will commence. The dutyman rota will recommence to provide rescue cover to sailors and water users. The galley and bar will open to serve food and drink in line with government guidance. There will be a one-way system in operation through the clubhouse and changing rooms. Changing is still not permitted indoors and showers remain closed until guidance is issued permitting use.

Government guidelines on social distancing are expected to be adhered to at all times. The club member accepts the risks and accepts their responsibility to follow hygiene protocols and distancing rules for the safety of themselves, other water users, and the rights of the club and its directors.

Conditions of participation from 4th July 2020:

  • 1.Ability
  • a.Any Bartley SC member who launches a craft must be confident in their ability to handle the prevailing conditions. This means (but is not limited to) that they should not expect to require any form of external rescue during their exercise time.
  • b.Any member who launches a craft must be able to launch and recover whilst maintaining social distance (2m or 1m+). This may require additional painter length or similar. The craft's owner is responsible for ensuring that this can be done.
  • c.Attendees should be able to rig their boats without assistance. Should assistance be required (for example) to step a mast then this should be carried out at a distance of 2m and both parties wash their hands / wipe down with antiseptic wipes afterwards
  • d.Appraisal as to the suitability of conditions for watersports will be made by the Officer of the Day. They have the final say as to whether conditions are safe to launch.
  • 2.Facilities
  • a.The club gates will be open giving access to the car park. Please park with one free space between vehicles where possible.
  • b.Clubhouse entry for toilet facilities is via the front entrance only
  • c.Exit from the toilets is via the fire escapes at the rear of the changing rooms
  • d.The central toilet facilities will be used by the general public, the ladies and gents toilets will be used by Bartley SC members.
  • e.The showers remain closed as they promote airflow of particles / droplets. Likewise, hand dryers will be switched off to prevent unnecessary airflow of particles.
  • f.The changing rooms can be used as a thoroughfare but not for changing at the present time. Members will need to continue to arrive in sailing gear or change in the car park.
  • g.The Galley will be open at the weekends and the bar on Saturdays after sailing.
  • h.Entrance to the Galley and bar is via the fire escape to the dam side of the clubhouse, exit is via the fire escape to the boat park side of the clubhouse.
  • i.The dry area of the clubhouse to the side of the bar remains closed
  • j.2 m social distancing remains in place when waiting to order food or drink
  • k.Indoor seating is arranged at 2m distance – please do not move closer together
  • l.All people are encouraged to eat / drink outside of the clubhouse to minimise risk of surface transfer of Covid 19
  • m.The indoor area is restricted by the seating plan laid out. When the indoor seating area is full then customers need to either wait until seating becomes available or take their food / drink to an outside area
  • n.The Galley and bar will take orders and then provide a table service to prevent queues forming. Please pay attention to the one way system and comply with any requests from the staff. Hand sanitiser will be provided and an enhanced cleaning regime is in place
  • o.It is the member's responsibility to ensure adequate hand washing / hygiene after they have touched surfaces that others may have come into contact with
  • p.All members are expected to stay alert and social distance at all times on site
  • 3.OOD Hut
  • a.A maximum of 2 people are allowed in the OOD hut at any time and they must sit at either end of the hut to adhere to the 2m social distancing rules. Where persons are from the same household this requirement is waivered.
  • b.All additional rescue crew must remain at social distance outside the OOD hut in a place where they can view the boats ready to rescue as required.
  • c.Crews should come dressed for the eventuality that they may spend all day outdoors.
  • 4.Rescue cover
  • a.There will be a minimum of 1 rescue craft on the water and one on standby for launch at all times that sailing is taking place. When available the Orange Jaffas should be prioritised.
  • b.The orange Jaffas have been marked out for social distancing. When 2 people from a different household are in the rescue boat, they must observe the social distancing and sit at opposite ends of the craft (if they are from the same household this doesn't apply)
  • c.The 1m+ social distancing allows for all rescue craft to be used with 2 crew. If using the RIBs then crews who are not form the same household bubble should endeavour to sit as far as possible from each other in the rescue craft whilst ensuring they are secure in the boat. The wearing of face masks or visors in these boats is recommended if you have one.
  • d.Rescue crews are expected to remain ashore at 2m social distance until such a time that they are needed. The OOD may wish to restrict the sailing area depending on conditions to ensure that any rescue can be executed swiftly if required
  • e.The requirement for any craft to assist another that is in difficulty is emphasised i.e. a sailing boat can assist another that is in trouble
  • f.In the event of a rescue the rescue boat shall remain at a distance greater than 2m from the boat in difficultly until the crew have resolved the situation
  • g.In a situation where the boat in difficulty is in such a position where there is threat to life (entrapment, heart attack etc.) then the rescue crew shall remove the person in difficulty from the water as priority and ensure suitable first aid / emergency services are called. The crew are then expected to carry out usual hygiene protocols. This situation should be prevented by adherence to item 1a.
  • h.The rescue boat shall be launched and recovered in line with social distancing rules. As an example, members should position themselves at 2m intervals on the launch rope and one person may push the boat from the rear.
  • 5.Stand Up Paddleboard:
  • a.The SUP club will follow their specific guidelines for access to, and safety on the water
  • 6.Informal Race Programme
  • a.There will be a limited informal race programme the times of which will be posted on the website calendar. Temporary marks, flags and sound signals may be used. Where possible a member of the rescue crew should be allocated the role of mark layer, flags, and sound signal operation to minimise the number of people touching the various pieces of equipment.
  • b.All races shall be 75-minute pursuit races to minimise the quantity of boats on the start line.
  • c.At the current time there will be no recording of results or race series administration by the OOD and rescue team beyond setting a start line, pressing the start sequence and raising / lowering of flags. This is to minimise the need for the crew to spend time in the rescue boat or to contact pens / paper.
  • d.There shall be no signing on for races to minimise touch points and gatherings.
  • e.OODs are encouraged to use shore-based start lines where possible.
  • 7.General Sailing
  • a.Single hander sailing and double handers where the helm and crew members are from the same household or social 'bubble' as defined by government guidelines are preferred. If helm and crew are from different households then they should endeavour to maximum separation or PPE whilst in the boat and should try to maintain their helm / crew partnership for all sessions they take part in.
  • b.Participants may use their own equipment and clothing, or club boats and clothing. Those using club equipment must be prepared to clean down equipment with soap and water if there is expected use in the following 72 hours.
  • c.Social distancing shall be maintained whilst rigging and moving around the boat park
  • d.The club will be open and sailing may take place during the hours indicated on the club calendar
  • 8.Health
  • a.If you have symptoms  please stay at home
  • b.We advise those in high risk groups to consider very carefully whether their attendance at the premises is prudent in their circumstances (guidance in alignment with RYA 'COVID-19 and Discrimination' documentation).
  • c.If you have had the virus, please stay away from the club for at least 2 weeks after the symptoms have gone
  • d.If you contract the virus and have sailed at the club in the week prior, please let the club directors know as a matter of urgency.

The situation will continue to be reviewed and adjusted as guidance changes. Club members accept and are bound by the conditions above by entering the club premises. Any club member not adhering to the conditions shall be reported to the committee as a matter of urgency.

Please comply with the above for all our safety so our members can continue to enjoy their watersports at Bartley SC.

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