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Bartley S.C. All Activity Suspended Until Further Notice Due to Covid-19 Guidance

 Hopefully you will be aware of the Coronavirus guidance provided by the government on 16th March regarding social distancing measures, preventing all unnecessary travel, avoiding pubs, clubs, theatres and other social venues, and working from home where possible. With the additional guidance for a potential 12 week isolation for groups more vulnerable to the virus starting this weekend.

We have also been reviewing the RYA stance on Covid-19 and have noted that they have cancelled all training activity and events until the end of April at a minimum.

The committee have therefore decided to suspend all club activity and close the facility until further notice. This is not a decision that we have taken lightly, however there is overwhelming evidence that this is the correct course of action at the current time.

We hope that we can rely on your support during this time and will keep members updated as and when we have any further information.

All duty crews will be reallocated to a later duty as the closure date extends past the duty date. Please keep your duty date in your diary until the date has passed though so we can start up efficiently when the time comes.

All of our partners have been informed of the situation and we will be in touch with class associations for Supernova and Merlins to discuss how they wish to proceed with the Open meetings scheduled for April (cancel or postpone).

This has been a difficult decision and it is frustrating for all of us, but safety and well-being come first so we hope you all stay safe, fit and well during this time, and lets hope it doesn't go on too long.

Best regards

BSC Committee

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Monday, 06 April 2020

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