One from Bartley Bear showing the importance of a good start. Harrison pulls the trigger right on the gun and pops out of the front of the fleet (the 4.7 half way down the line) before the bigger rigs pick up more speed. Have a look at the difference in positions just a few seconds after the start, it is already possible to predict the front / back of the fleet at the windward mark.

The Committee met last night for quite a long meeting to discuss the usual agenda items of funds and maintenance, and also to discuss the latest guidance and government approach to the coronavirus. Agreement was reached on how Bartley SC can provide access to the water for outdoor exercise whilst maintaining  social distancing requirements and the date for an initial trial and on what grounds participation can occur will be communicated by dutyman e-mail shortly. When you receive this information please take time to read all of the conditions and ensure you are prepared to comply with these before making the journey to the club. This is for your protection, the protection of those around you, and the protection of the club and its directors.

If you are not receiving dutyman e-mails then please let me know on and I can make sure you are added to the circulation and receive this information (please check your trash / spam folders first) .