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A Picture a Day...

It is interesting how sailing fleets change over the years from Mirrors, Larks, GP14s through to the need for speed with RS400s, Moths, RS600s, and anything with a trapeze and Spinnaker. Now days  single handers continue to grow in popularity as it is harder to coordinate helm / crew commitments. As a result Bartley has grown very healthy Supernova and Laser fleets. 

So today here is a shout out to all the Supernovas with a picture of the Master of the class Mike Gibson. For those unfamiliar with the class it is similar in handicap to a Laser but with a more comfortable hiking position and more sail controls. The sail is fully battened which makes it more powerful and also more tactical downwind as 'velocity made good' (VMG) becomes more of a factor than it is in the laser. Recent hull colours have given the newer boats a very striking appearance. If you are looking to join a growing class at Bartley then the Supernova is definitely worth a look. 

VR Inshore series 2 results with 2 races to go...
A Picture a day - but not a good one today :(


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Tuesday, 24 November 2020

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