Chris and Wayne making the RS400 look like a casual Sunday sail.

Many members have been asking when the club can be open for sailing again and whether the committee are working on any plans. The current Government status and RYA guidance is that with the latest easing of restrictions boating can take place in England with social distancing maintained (i.e. multi-person craft must be from the same household if distancing can't be maintained). This sounds ideal but there is a lot to consider before opening the club on such a basis. Spinnaker SC opened immediately but with no rescue cover, Barnt Green are opening for cruising on Sunday but only require rescue to be crewed by 1 person, Padstow harbour have opened for resident dinghies, the list goes on. 

The committee have so far conducted a risk analysis to highlight all the areas where there is risk if we were to open which includes protecting the wishes of our membership (i.e. some may be happy to come to the club in a manner where social distancing can be maintained, others are not yet prepared to leave the house or can't as they are in a high risk group). On the practical side the club has been measured out for 2m social distancing and one-way traffic. This includes the OOD hut and rescue craft (the 2 Jaffas meet social distancing requirements, Ribs could be used but only with same household crews). 

The committee are now preparing a standard working procedure for the various stages of lockdown where 5 is total lockdown and the club is closed and level 1 is pre-virus status and fully open. The current government status is level 4 and the document will identify on what (if any) basis the club can open at each corresponding level.

All of these documents and procedures will be reviewed on 20th May at the committee meeting and we will update our membership shortly afterwards.

Thanks to all who have provided input, highlighted risks, and provided potential solutions to some of the more difficult problems to overcome before re-opening.