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ITS arrived TUESDAY NIGHT RACING Lasers Week three results

ITS arrived TUESDAY NIGHT RACING Lasers  Week three results

Hi Please see attached up to week three Laser results


Yet another Tuesday comes and goes, and what a belter it was, great breeze and not too cold. Once again we managed to field a fleet of all rigs and abilities. Our 2 radials coping well with the conditions, being split by John, closely followed by Howard who seemed to be missing someone else in the boat to talk to….. apart from the fish at one point! Jeremy and Michael seemed to be tethered together for most of the race with 2 seconds to separate them at the finish, Robin couldn’t make ground on John and failed to put distance between him and Michael and Jeremy not matter how hard he tried (and he did try hard!), John as usual, was the noisiest on the water, and was lucky not to find himself in the protest room, and that only leaves our potential Olympian, Ed. He set off in front and showed no intention of letting anyone get close to him. Obviously his Dad is continuing to coach him well! A fautless performance.


Thanks to our duty crew, Brad and Richard. I bet Richard spent all duty thinking that the conditions would have been perfect for him!


See you all on the weekend for the biggest Laser extravaganza to ever visit BSC.




Robin Pitt

Laser 200920

Any other volunteers wanting to wright a report please?

See you sat

Kind regards


Bartley Sailing Club Lasers

Thursday evening - round 3
BARTLEY SAILING CLUB 2 & 3rd May UKLA Masters Supe...


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Wednesday, 29 January 2020

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