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Members and the "Blog"

Hi All,

I have greatly enjoyed reading of our sailing successes, messages from the Commodore , Sailing Secretary and galley but wonder how many of our members actually are subscribed to the "Blog". Those who aren,t are missing out big time.

May I make 3 suggestions. First ask your sailing "buddies", fellow competitors, boat park neighbours and crews(if applicable) if they have subscribed to the "Blog". If not encourage them to join and try and explain how to do so if puzzled(see John Lings blog on how to join). Third, presumptiously, I wonder whether those with access to the "Dutyman" message facility (ie. the Officers) could consider sending out an appeal to all members to join the website and the "Blog" so to more feel part of the Club community. Moreover such an appeal could be incorporated, with instructions, in the "welcome pack" given to new members.

Let's grow the Club Spirit!


Alan (Supernova 1096)


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