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Southport 24 Hour race

Hi All


The sailing committee have been asked by a few members if the club are interested in entering the above event.

This is a 24 hour sailing race around the marine lake in southport for either GP14, enterprise, Firefly and Lark class dinghies. the format is that the boat keeps going and the sailors change as and when it suits the team.

There are normally around 70 teams entered.

The dates of the event this year are 14th and 15th September with a lunchtime start time.

Most teams take around 5 or 6 pairs to sail.

In order to assess the viability of entering a team would you please let me know by e mail to  if you would be interested in attending.

The details regarding team captain, type of boat, and costs etc will follow in due course if we have sufficient interest.

If you have a prefence to the type of boat please also let me know.

If you require further information there are 2 sailing clubs on the lake at Southport and the event is organised by the West Lancs Yacht Club details are available on their website.




Steve Ward


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Wednesday Evening Sailing

Hi All At the risk of giving late notice, last year the club ran a successful Wednesday evening series of sailing sessions. It is intended to do so again this year starting this evening. There will be coaching which is informal for those who can already sail and wish to improve their skills. It is hoped that these will cover a range of abilitities but they are aimed at encouraging those who currently do not race to have the skills to do so. Improvers are also welcome. As last year the sessions will start at 6.30 with those who are a little later being able to join in as they arrive. The club boats will be available as last year but if you have your own thats fine as well. Last year a number of sailors came to sail on Wednesday evenings who do not wish to race and simply enjoyed a sail without lots of others on the lake. You will also be very welcome again. At present I have not arranged for food to be available but this may be possible in future if numbers are sufficient. It may also be possible to have the bar open afterwards for a short time. See you there Steve

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Help Request Please

Hi All


Last year we had a working party in March. This did a great job of cleaning the club up which looked a lot better after the event.

This year we used the working party date for the agm, which was good as nobody really wanted to be outside that day. As a result the grassed areas of the club are looking quite long. A couple of club members have been really kind and started to mow the grass etc.

If anybody has any time to help cut the grass, clear the driveway edges or weed the patio then that would be really appreciated. Saturday is due to be really light winds so if grass cutting seems more appealing there is a lawn mower at the club that runs on the same petrol as the club safety boats.

Its in the cage if you need the code please call me 07973 951 255.

We seem to have very large areas of grass so if everybody could do a little bit we can soon get it sorted.


Many Thanks





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Wed afternoon this week

Hi All


I have seen the weather forecast for this week, it looks a little breezy so if your boat is not tied down please do so.

If it is as windy as forecast there may be a number of people at the club who dont want to sail. If that is the case I have a couple of tasks that I could do with a hand with. We are trying to tidy up the club including some areas that are generally unseen. I would really appreciate it if anybody not sailing could give me a hand for about an hour and a half as many  hands would make the task easier, this is generally throwing rubbish into the skip and is mainly inside.

I should be there around 2pm.


Thanks in anticipation.



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Avon rib

Hi all This is a request for help. The avon I believe has recently been filled with water to a considerĂ ble depth. Since then we have power from the battery to the engine and a fully charged battery. We do not have any turnover from the switch to the engine. Does anybody who knows what they are doing have the necessary testers to test the electrics and repair please.If not thats fine also but thought I would ask before going outside of the club. Thank you Steve Steve ward
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Boat park

Hi All


I called at the club this afternoon. Sadly there are a number of boats on their side. These are mainly in the middle of the boat park and include but not only...1 lark  2 national 12s 2 supernovas 1 bug the firstv2 rows by the water appeared to be ok. There are alao a couple of torn covers . Its meant to be windy tomorrow but it would be good if you checked your baotd tomorrow.




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