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A Big Thank You

I would just like to thank everyone who helped make the Open Day such a successful day. There was a steady stream of people who turned up at Bartley having read about or seen on the Midlands news that we were opening the club for the day to potential new members and/or people just wanting to ‘have a go’.

The feedback I got from Gareth Brooks RYA was very positive and they were very pleased about the way we had embraced the ‘Push the Boat Out Day’. From my perspective I thought it couldn’t have gone much better. We were very fortunate with the weather which always helps, but I was impressed with the way everyone rallied round, organising BBQs, taking details down, sorting membership packs, sorting buoyancy aids, getting boats rigged and put away.

Having the informal race in the afternoon meant that not only did visitors get a chance to see a race but some of our newer members took the opportunity to race for the first time.

If anybody has got any photos could they email them to me and I will arrange for them to go on our website and also send them to Karenza at the RYA.  

Thanks once again.

Mike Gibson


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