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NEWS RELEASE Sport England Inspired Facilities funding

NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                  

12 August 2013



Bartley Sailing Club invites you and your family to come and try sailing for FREE at the club’s Open Day this Saturday (17August).

This fun-filled afternoon at this friendly club in the Bartley Green area of Birmingham runs from 10am to 4.30pm and is guaranteed to offer something for everyone.

Get a first taste of sailing with one of the club’s experienced members, chat to some of the club sailors or simply sample the social side of what life at Bartley SC can offer.

Just bring along a change of clothes, some old trainers and waterproofs and the club will supply everything else you need to get afloat. Refreshments will be available throughout the day with a BBQ at lunchtime.

It’s been a big week for Bartley SC who are also celebrating after being awarded £45,000 in the latest round of Sport England Inspired Facilities funding to improve the club’s changing facilities.

Bartley SC is a recognised RYA Training Centre, meaning that it conforms to the highest standards of quality and safety.

For more information about Bartley SC visit


PHOTOGRAPHS: Further and higher res images available on request. Credit Bartley SC.

1) Youngsters from Bartley SC's K2O juniors club will be on hand to show off their skills at the Open Day this Saturday 

For more information:

Karenza Morton

RYA West Midlands Regional Communicator

Tel: 07837 707630


Twitter: @RYAMidlands


Notes to Editors:

About the RYA

  • The RYA is the national body for all forms of recreational, competitive and professional boating. It represents dinghy and yacht racing, motor and sail cruising, RIBs and sports boats, powerboat racing, windsurfing, inland cruising and personal watercraft
  • The RYA is recognised by all government offices as being the negotiating body for the activities it represents. It continually fights for the rights and freedoms of its 102,000 personal members, the majority of whom choose to go afloat for purely recreational non-competitive pleasure on coastal and inland waters. There are an estimated further 500,000 boat owners nationally who are members of RYA affiliated clubs and class associations.
  • The RYA also sets and maintains a recognised standard for recreational boat training through a network of 2,340 RYA Recognised Training Centres in over 43 countries. On average 155,000 people per year complete RYA training courses.
  • The RYA is committed to promoting all forms of boating and making them accessible to everyone.
  • Love Boating?  Then why not join the association that promotes and protects, safe, successful and rewarding British boating. Join today and support the RYA in protecting your boating rights and freedoms. Take advantage of free advice and support on all aspects of your boating,  as well as enjoying a range of fantastic personal member offers. Find out more by calling 0844 556 9556, email 
  • You can find the RYA at RYA House, Ensign Way, Hamble, Southampton, SO31 4YA  or visit
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Open Day

Saturday 17th August 2013

10am to 4pm

BBQ and refreshments available

“Bring some clean clothes” J

Dinghy Sailing

Fantastic views

Also looking for as many Volunteers to help out in any way possible, BBQ, Sailing and to welcome visitors

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Topper 5.3 NS2 Rutland Event Report

Topper 5.3 NS2 Rutland Event Report
Website Administrator, Tuesday 11 June 2013 - 18:49 //

Topper start lineA total of 179 boats attended the Craftinsure Nationwide Series 2 event at Rutland over the weekend of 8th/9th June making a great continuation to the 2013 Topper season. On arrival, early on Saturday we were expecting a light 10-12 knots in the sun but were greeted by a steady 13-15 knots with an overcast sky.
We launched on time and made our way up to the race course. As it was quite breezy many of the middle weight sailors were looking to have a good weekend. The race committee managed to get the 3 planned races in both days. CONGRATULATIONS GO TO CRISPIN BEAUMONT FOR SAILING AN ALMOST PERFECT REGATTA AND FOR WINNING THE EVENT overall and also to everyone who took part to make it challenging racing. Many thanks go to the PRO and his team, the safety boat crews and everybody else who made the event happen. I would recommend everybody who competed to attend the next event in Derwent in July.


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Bank Holiday Sunday

What a great day out sailing in great sun shine, folks just taking it all in J

Looking forward to better winds on the Monday
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Bank Holiday Sunday

What a great day out sailing in great sun shine, folks just taking it all in J

Looking forward to better winds on the Monday
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Sunday Sailing OK

Weather permitting.

After Paul, Yasmin, Nick, Edwin and Katie cleared the snow from the gate, pontoons and garages (a little help from Howard) we will be open for Sunday but the car park is still snowed over?

Thank you for your help today.

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Sailing Cancelled on Sat 19th Jan

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! Following discussions between the Commodore, Club Manager and OD the club will be CLOSED tomorrow SATURDAY 19th JANUARY. Current snowfall prevents the safe launch and recovery of any boats (particularly rescue boat) Check club web page for further announcements.

we will try to be at the Club in the morning with the view to clearing some of the snow away from the drive and garages, volenteers welcome.

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Prize Giving Change



A large number of Bartley Sailing and Chase Sailing Club members have plans  to attend the forthcoming prize giving evening.


However, the Committee are mindful of the travel warnings being issued for this Friday due to the forecasted snow conditions.

In order to enable everyone to attend, the prize giving has been postponed for one week.


Everyone who has purchased tickets or responded indicating their intention to attend will be catered for.


If, due to the change, you are now able or unable to support the event, would you please respond to Kate Thompson



The Clubhouse consultation meeting planned for Saturday 26th January at 4.30 pm is still scheduled.


The Committee value your input in preparation for our bid for funding.


Nick Eaves


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Prize Giving for all 2012 Series

Prize Giving Evening For ALL 2012 Series

Friday 25th January 2013 @ 7pm

Tickets £2.50 available from the Bar or Galley

Includes Light Supper.


Come and join the awards night and catch up with fellow members.

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Laying up supper

Book this date...

Laying up supper...

FRIDAY 14th September

Celebrate the Tuesday / Thursday Summer Series Short race at 6.45pm with prizes.

All club sailors are invited to sail Prizegiving and supper to follow Bring your family and friends.

Tickets £5 from the bar...

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Bartley Broadcast 2012 - Week 14

Club AGM

The Bartley Sailing Club AGM will take place on 21st April at 4:00pm. The Racing for the day will be a special event, to encourage everyone to attend the meeting.

The format will be as follows:

2 x 75 min pursuit races – 1st race 11:00am; 2nd race approximately 1:00 -1:30pm Prizes to be presented after the AGM:

-3-Random draw winners

-Fleet winners for fleets 4 boats or more -1st, 2nd and 3rd overall Charity raising entry fee of £1 per race to, throw it in the bucket in the club house or at the OD hut.

Prizes will be awarded to those who attend the AGM only.  Come and join in the fun and thank Derek for being commodore  as he is standing down this year.


Merlin Rocket Open Meeting

On Sunday 22nd April, normal club racing will take place alongside a Merlin Rocket Open Meeting, on behalf of the association. This is to replace the Banbury meeting, as the water level is too low. Bartley are lucky to have consistently high water levels and will help out on this occasion as a good neighbour and hopefully raise interest in members from other clubs coming to join us sail in our growing Merlin fleet.

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Boat Park Spring Audit

The Spring audit of the boat park is taking place and now is a good time to remind members to notify the Club if there are any changes in the use of a boat space.

Please do not bring additional boats to the Club without prior approval, as an unoccupied boat space does not mean it is unallocated.

Club Rules do not allow road trailers to be left on site. However, this rule is not currently enforced, in recognition of the difficulty in storing them at home.

In order for this facility to continue, please store trailers sensibly. They can be left under a dinghy, preferably immobilised, as long as they are not a hazard to other dinghies or members.

Alternatively, they can be left immobilised alongside, or secured to, the top boundary fence. The road trailer should be labelled indicating the boat space it belongs to and the appropriate fee paid to Mark Perrigo.

There are currently a number of unsecured and/ or unidentified trailers lying aound. If one of these is yours, please secure and identify it prior to the Club AGM on 21st April.

After this date, such trailers will be disposed of at scrap or market value.

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Spring Series

A reminder that the Spring Series starts on Saturday 7th April.

First race is a Handicap starting at 1.00 pm.

Second race is a 75 minutes Pursuit starting at 3.00 pm.

Attached is an Excel spreadsheet showing revised Yardsticks for some classes.

Also shown are revised 75 minutes Pursuit start times for ALL classes.

The new times will be displayed in the Clubhouse. The computer in the OoD hut will be updated prior to the start of the Spring series.



RYA Portsmouth Yardstick List 2012

        PN   75 min Pursuit    
Class Name Persons  Rig Spinnaker Number Notes Start Time +     
RS TERA ( Sports Rig ) 1 U 0 1455 Scratch boat 00:00:00    
RS TERA ( Pro Rig ) 1 U 0 1390   00:03:21    
MIRROR ( 2 hand ) 2 S C 1385 Gunter 00:03:36    
MIRROR ( 1 Hand no spin ) 1 S 0 1370 Gunter 00:04:23    
MIRROR ( 1 hand + spin ) 1 S C 1364 Gunter 00:04:41    
HERON 1 S 0 1346   00:05:37    
LASER PICO 1 U 0 1332 Training rig 00:06:20    
TOPPER 1 U 0 1301   00:07:56    
RS Q'BA 1 U 0 1255 Sports rig 00:10:19    
2.4 mtr 1 U 0 1250   00:10:34    
TOPAZ UNO 1 U 0 1218   00:12:13    
TOPAZ UNO RACE 2 U 0 1207   00:12:47    
RS FEVA XL 2 S A 1200   00:13:09    
MIRACLE 2 S C 1195   00:13:24    
BYTE  1 U 0 1190   00:13:40    
SPLASH 1 U 0 1184   00:13:58    
COMET 1 U 0 1179   00:14:14    
LASER 4.7 1 U 0 1175   00:14:26    
BRITISH MOTH (SKOL MOTH) 1 U 0 1164 Skol Moth actual h/cap not known 00:15:00    
FIREFLY 2 S 0 1168   00:14:48    
STREAKER 1 U 0 1162   00:15:06    
GRADUATE 2 S 0 1150   00:15:43    
SOLO 1 U 0 1150   00:15:43    
LIGHTNING 368 1 U 0 1152   00:15:37    
EUROPE 1 U 0 1143   00:16:05    
WANDERER 2 S C 1144   00:16:02    
BYTE CII 1 U 0 1140   00:16:14    
GP14 2 S C 1127   00:16:54    
ENTERPRISE 2 S 0 1117   00:17:25    
LASER RADIAL 1 U 0 1110   00:17:47    
WAYFARER 2 S C 1101   00:18:15    
RS VISION 2 S A 1093   00:18:40    
NATIONAL 12 2 S 0 1087   00:18:58    
420 2 S C 1087   00:18:58    
LASER STATOS 2 S A 1087   00:18:58    
COMET TRIO 2 S A 1085   00:19:04    
LASER 2000 2 S 0 1090   00:18:49    
LASER 1 U 0 1085   00:19:04    
NATIONAL 12 2 S 0 1083   00:19:11    
TOPPER XENON 2 S A 1079   00:19:23    
TOPAZ OMEGA 2 S A 1075   00:19:35    
LARK 2 S C 1073   00:19:41    
SUPERNOVA 1 U 0 1068   00:19:57    
LASER VAGO XD 2 S A 1064   00:20:09    
FINN 1 U 0 1060   00:20:22    
K1 1 U 0 1062   00:20:15    
RS 200 2 S A 1057   00:20:31    
SCORPION 2 S C 1053   00:20:43    
ROOSTER 8.1 1 U 0 1050   00:20:53    
RS VAREO 1 S A 1045   00:21:08    
BLAZE 1 U 0 1040   00:21:24    
RS VAREO 1 U A 1038   00:21:30    
LASER II 2 S C 1035   00:21:39    
LASER 3000 - V3000 2 S A 1032   00:21:48    
PHANTOM 1 U 0 1025   00:22:10    
LASER EPS 1 U 0 1024   00:22:13    
FLYING FIFTEEN 2 S C 1022   00:22:19    
TASAR 2 S 0 1018   00:22:32    
BUZZ 2 S A 1003   00:23:18    
MERLIN-ROCKET  (Post 1999) 2 S C 1002   00:23:21    
RS 300 1 U 0 1000   00:23:27    
RS100 8.4 1 S A 996 Various sail areas 00:23:40    
WINDSURFER 1 U 0 994   00:23:46    
CONTENDER 1 U 0 993   00:23:49    
FIREBALL 2 S C 980   00:24:29    
MOTH INTERNATIONAL 1 U 0 980 Non foiling 00:24:29    
HORNET 2 S C 973   00:24:51    
470 2 S C 973   00:24:51    
RS 500 2 S A 972   00:24:54    
RS 400 2 S A 948   00:26:08    
CHERUB 2 S A 950   00:26:02    
LASER VORTEX 1 U 0 945   00:26:17    
LASER VORTEX (JIB) 1 U 0 940 Bartley specific 00:26:33    
LASER VORTEX (Asy) 1 U A 937   00:26:42    
ISO 2 S A 926   00:27:16    
JAVELIN 2 S C 926   00:27:16    
RS 600 1 U 0 920   00:27:35    
LASER 4000 2 S A 911   00:28:02    
505 2 S C 902   00:28:30    
B14 2 S A 874   00:29:57    
LASER 5000 2 S A 846   00:31:24    
INTERNATIONAL 14 2 S A 825   00:32:28    
INTERNATIONAL MOTH Foiling 1 U 0 600 Foiling Moth 00:44:04    
BOARDS bft 4   >bft 4     bft 4 >bft 4  
  0 - 10 knots   11 + knots          
Mistral One Design 7.4 965   790   Mistral One Design 7.4 00:00:00 00:00:00  
Classic Raceboard 7.5 950   800   Classic Raceboard 7.5 00:00:00 00:00:00  
(Ct, Equipe, Lightning, F2)         (Ct, Equipe, Lightning, F2)      
RSX 9.5 1081   785   RSX 9.5 00:00:00 00:00:00  
RSX 8.5 1082   795   RSX 8.5 00:00:00 00:00:00  
Techno 7.8 1085   875   Techno 7.8 00:00:00 00:00:00  
Kona 7.4 1080   875   Kona 7.4 00:00:00 00:00:00  
Kona 9.4 1079   875   Kona 9.4 00:00:00 00:00:00  
Racebord 9.5 850   800   Racebord 9.5 00:00:00 00:00:00  
Formula 1050   750   Formula 00:00:00 00:00:00  


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