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Bartley Sailing Club organises racing on Saturday and Sunday throughout the year per the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions at the bottom of this page.

There are 4 race programmes throughout the year (Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn) with 3 separate series run on Saturday and 1 series on Sunday. At the end of each series programme there is a stand alone 'End of Series Regatta' of two 75 minute pursuit races held on the final Saturday of that programme. Prizes for the regatta and the preceding programme series' are awarded at each End of Series Regatta.

Duty support cover for the Club series (as listed above) will be overseen by DutyMan allocations. 

 The club racing programme for Saturdays and Sundays are:


  • Race series A; Morning Handicap 1 including Novice & Junior start (on request to the OOD)
  • Race series B; Afternoon 75 Minute Pursuit Race
  • Race series C; Afternoon Handicap 2 Race

Saturday End of Series Regatta: 

  • Race 1; Afternoon 75 Minute Pursuit Race
  • Race 2; Afternoon 75 Minute Pursuit Race

Sunday Fun series:

  • Race 1; Morning Handicap Race
  • Race 2; Afternoon Handicap Race

Race times, programme / series dates, and End of Series Regatta dates are shown on the calendar page of this website. Results for each series and Regatta are shown on the Results page of this website.

Participant organised racing takes place on Wednesday afternoons all year round, and on Tuesday evenings for single handers and fast asymmetrics. These series are organised and run by the participants. Attendees are expected to take their turn as rescue crew / OoD and may be asked for a small contribution to fund prizes. Series dates, formats, and prize giving are organised by the participants.

Novice / improver coaching sessions are organised to run on Wednesday evenings during the summer months to help sailors gain confidence sailing a course and improve their general sailing. Advice is given on a wide range of topics from what gear to wear and boat to buy, to the best holiday locations for dinghy sailing. Rescue cover is provided by the session Coaches.

Wednesday Series (year round per calendar):

  • 14:30 Afternoon Race 

Tuesday Evening Series (April to Sept per calendar):

  • 19:00 Evening Race

Wednesday Evening Improver Coaching (Per calendar):

  • 18:30 rig, 19:00 on the water coaching session

Note: Access will be controlled by the OOD or person responsible for each event and subject to provision of support cover according to the governing body, Club Rules and Severn Trent Bye-Laws. Access beyond the Water Gates is restricted at all other times.

No access to the water is authorised without support cover being established/provided before anyone else goes afloat.   

Start and finish dates for evening series to be decided by Fleet agreement, confirmed by Sailing Committee


General reminder: the OoD can always start a race at, or after, the scheduled start time, but NOT before.

Bartley SC Club Racing Notice of Race

2020 Bartley SC Club Racing Sailing Instructions