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Where have all the Supernovas gone?

Well - you can find out as they travel to the Nationals this weekend and all get fitted out with a GPS tracker which will post their positions real time as they race around the course. So if you wish to know which Hawley is getting the upperhand or whether Gary or Mike are leading the Masters then get on line, search for the Supernova class association Facebook site or webpage and get linked up. 

If this all sounds a bit techie then come to the club and get a great result - with all the Supernovas at the nationals it is a great opportunity to move up the Club series leaderboard!

And if you want to know the odds for our sailors - taken straight from the Supernova website:

Gold fleet:

Team Bartley 
Chris Hawley:
Odds of winning - Hell freezing over 
2018 result (out of 114) - 15th
The best thing about the Chairman's sailing is his boat - certainly one of the best looking boats that has been made. The fluorescent orange and black machine is sure to be spotted on the race course. Chris is never going to win the event and if it is more than a force 3 - 4 is likely to be propping up the gold fleet table.

Steve Hawley:
Odds of winning - "Worth a quid"
2018 result (out of 114) - 20th
Will 8 spin classes a week win you the nationals? No. But it might win you a race or two. Even more determined than ever and king of the ridiculous commitment to an outside "bang the corners" approach. On form following a strong performance at Carsington last weekend.

Garry Butterfield:
Odds of winning - Needle in a haystack?
2018 result (out of 114) - 18th
The Bartley fleet captain and the 2018 Noble Marine travellers champion. Currently in the top 2 in the travellers and winner of one open this year. Keeps himself out of trouble on the racecourse, despite sailing an "Aquafresh" coloured boat.

Mike Gibson:
Odds of winning - I wouldn't bet against him
2018 result (out of 114) - 12th
Previous national champion and multiple inland champion. Known as Mr Consistent and always in the mix, less so on the sea though. If Mike gets his head in gear has the potential to leave the fleet standing. Best performance usually in the mid-airs when the sea is flat.

Sam Knight:
Odds of winning - Roll of a dice?
2018 result (out of 114) - 1st
Sam rocked up last year, won, then left again. A talented sailor and winner of several prestigious events (Steve Nic etc). Sam has once again borrowed one of the newest boats in the fleet and will be looking to defend his crown. Sam weighs less than a gnat, will he be on form if the wind gods get fruity.

Chris Bownes:
Odds of winning - Untested!
2018 result (out of 114) - DNA
Chris is brand new to the fleet, but has been performing well this year at club and open level. You can liken him to the Big Friendly Giant, and wears a signature rash vest over 3 or 4 buoyancy aids to make himself look tough. Will absolutely be at the sharp end of the results if it blows - the only discretionary boat in the Gold fleet.

Silver fleet:

  • Jeremy Higson - Untested in a supernova other than last year's nationals. A quality sailor and he certainly knows which way to point a laser - definitely one to watch, this year in a Mark2e

Good luck to all our sailors - Bartley S.C. expects great things!

Stop Press - News just in - Well done to Garry Butterfield, David Stephen, and Stuart Stephen for representing Bartley at the Attenborough SC Supernova Open last week. Garry posted 5th overall and 2nd Master - keep up the good work!

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Laser win at Nottingham S.C.

John and Ollie travelled to the challenge that is Nottingham S.C. Laser Open on Sunday. The challenge being that the racing is set on the river Trent so once you have got used to short tacking accross the river you get the added challenge of barges lterally barging through the race course! The club itself is delightful and in a lovely setting.

John provided his usual master class and kept the trophy from last year. Ollie got 'radialled' i.e. the handicap system got the better of him but he managed a strong 4th overall.

Draycote next week if any of the laser fleet want to go then onto Notts County the week after and Carsington after that.

Photos courtesy of Phil Base

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RYA Inspection - All Good to Go!

Great news - Bartley maintains its status as an RYA training facility after a thorough and successful audit on Saturday. A big thank you to Kerry Webb and Adrian Brocking and the K2O instructor team for getting everything in order for, and on the day.

For those who don't know K2O is our junior club running on Saturday mornings from 9.30 to 12.30. It trains children from the age of 8 to 18 and takes them through RYA levels 1 to 4 and more recently some of the older members are moving to assistant instructor level.

K2O is run entirely by volunteers who give their time freely to encourage youngsters into our great sport. We are always on the look out for help and new instructors so if you have a Dinghy instructor qualification or just wish to help out then let the team know on  

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End of Series Regatta - Thanks to all who Supported!

Thanks to all who supported the End of Series Regatta on Saturday. We managed to get most of the grounds tidy at the working party but unfortunately were a bit short on numbers to get the Toppers cleaned up so will have to do this another time.

The Regatta had a great attendance of 26 boats and was won by John Ling (Laser), 2nd was Simon Hardiman (Laser), and 3rd was Steve Hawley (Supernova). 4th and 1st Junior and Lady was Megan Hardiman (Laser 4.7), and the 'endevour' trophy went to Jennifer Foort (Laser Radial).

Series wins went to:

Handicap 1  - John Ling (Laser)

Pursuit - David Badger (Solo)

Handicap 2 - Mark Walker (K1)

Sunday Fun Series - Paul Fowell (Streaker)

The area by the car park gets a good weeding    -  as does the patio

The Mowing and Strimming team blast through the grass!

Looking neater...

Regatta Prize winners (Photos Jennifer Foort)

Series prize winners (Fleets)

Happy and very wet sailors after the cloudburst right overhead in race 1 (photos Jennifer Foort)



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Weekend Round Up

To use Ollie's favourite phrase on Saturday it was 'blowing dogs off leads'. So what did the Bartley sailors do? Go sailing of course!

The Junior k2O team continued their travelling success at the Notts County S.C. RYA Midland Junior Regatta series. Harrison and Megan were in their in Laser 4.7s and Cecily in her Topper. I actually thought we may have been better off sailing the boats up the M42 on the way to the event with the amount of surface water on the motorway but thankfully we all arrived safely.

After the briefing the sailors launched boats in the wind shaddow of the club house and the watching parents were treated to an exciting game of 'will they or won't they capsize' as they got 100m out to where the force 6 to 7 gusts where whipping through. A few of the youngsters were quickly back on shore after multiple dunkings but the Bartley crew stuck out the full 5 races.

The race standings were pretty consistent throughout the day with Harrison taking 5 wins and showing just how good his strong wind boat handling is. Megan followed up with 5 second places catching up as the wind dropped slightly then falling back as it built again but always in contention to keep Harrison on his toes! Cecily had a fantastic time with a Topper dominated fleet so lots of competition for her. Again, consistency was the name of the game and she came home in 6th place overall with a spot prize for survival!

As always with the travelling team there was alot of banter and fun throughout the day and complements from the host club on good behaviour and sailing ability. Thanks to Notts County for hosting the event we all really enjoyed it. Full report in Yachts and Yachting.

Good friends - wet, weary, and happy!

Racing to the Windward mark

She's behind you...

Some of the Laser fleet travelled to Burton (John and Ollie) and some to Chew Valley (Jeremy and Robin). At both events it seemed like the memo had not been received that 25Knts of wind = radial rig. At Burton John managed a 3rd and Ollie a 9th, both getting overhauled by radials, and at Chew Jeremy got first to the windward mark and then got bown off and into the water leading to retirement before either he or the boat broke. Robin had more success but came in early due to conditions too so will have to wait until the results are posted before we know how he faired!

Ollie holds on for dear life

...and so does John...

I understand from Facebook that the Supenovas had a cracking sail at Bartley on Saturday too in the challenging conditions - great to hear!

Today has been an all together quieter affair. It was nice to see the SUP club out this morning, a few cruising members taking family and friends out for a relaxed sail in the sunshine, and the Powerboat level 2 course in full swing, not to mention the Sunday fun race series underway. Sunday really is 'up for grabs' so if you have any desire to start up a Sunday club of some kind to get more folk on the water and enjoying themselves I would love to hear from you. (familly, novice, crusing, canoeing, lady's sailing, anything?!). Drop me a mail at



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Working Party Saturday 15th June - Revitalise a Topper

The Club has 6 Toppers that have gradually become unloved. But that is changing! Kerry was the first to take the plunge and revitalised Topper number 1 last year. Since then it has come 2nd in the RYA Championships Regatta fleet and 6th at the RYA Midlands Open at Notts County at the weekend. I have taken the plunge with Topper number 2 and what I thought was a purple boat was in fact blue! The boat is almost ready after fitting a new bailer and a few fittings and replacing a toe strap and Millie is looking forward to using it shortly when I have bleached the mildew off the sail and re-roped the boom.

There are 4 boats left and enough bits to get 3 up and running for the cost of about £100. We aim to get the boats clean and some heat gunned at the working party on Saturday after which I am interested to hear from parents who would like to adopt a Topper for their child to use. The terms for this are: 

1) You pay for the parts required to get the boat on the water 

2) You fit the parts (help is on hand if you need it)

3) You pay for a boat space to store the boat in

4) You maintain it and use it until you child has outgrown it or is not using it regularly at which time it is passed onto another club junior member on the same terms.

The boats are covered on the club insurance so this is a relatively easy and cheap way to get on the water for the sake of a mornings work and a few £. Toppers are fantastic youth boats typically for ages 11 to 15.

If you are interesed in taking one of the Toppers on the please e-mail me at

The unloved Topper before work started

5 Hours later after a clean and heat gun blasting

Job done and ready to rig...

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Spring End of Series Regatta Saturday 15th June - All Welcome!

Continue reading
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Business planning workshop - thanks to all attendees

Thanks to all who took the time to participate in the business planning workshop on Wednesday and provided useful feedback as to stengths, weaknesses, opportinities and threats to our club.

Reviewing the survey results provided some clear themes;

What we do well...

Great stretch of clean water with good wind

Good racing programme

Great food and service provided by Tillys

Wednesday evening improver sessions

K2O club for the children / youth members

Accessible with good opening times

Room for improvement...

Update facilities and ground maintenance

Race management and rules observance

Improve sailing numbers on a Sunday

More Socials

On-line payment options

More inclusive (families, women, cruising, improvers)


The attendees provided many further insights that I shall now be clustering into themes and writing up in the plan.

When the plan is finalised we shall be picking a number of projects to work on as well as being clear as to the areas that will be 'on-hold' until our first level priorities have been completed.

I will continue to post updates as we work through this so members are kept up to date.

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K1 at Rutland and Teign Corinthian


It looks like the Bartley K1s have started to stamp their mark on the circuit with Graham Blackwell getting a 7th place in the Teign Corinthian Yacht Club Open meeting back in May and Alan Birch promoting the Bartley name at Rutland last weekend to get a solid 5th place. Well done to both.

The K1 is a light weight single handed keelboat. Bartley currently has a small but expanding fleet of these stable but fast boats.

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AED as easy as 123 - Trained and ready to go!


Thanks to Andy Jeynes from West Midlands Ambulance service for a very informative session on CPR and the use of the club defibrilator on Tuesday evening. I was a little confused to hear the group singing 'nellie the elephant' whilst conducting chest compressions but was soon educated that this provides the perfect rythm and quantity of compressions required. Apparently 'Staying alive' by the Beegees also works, and for the younger generation 'Baby Shark' is a good substitute too (although you wont get it out of your head for the rest of the day).

Our defribrillator will soon be hung up in the club ready for use and it really is as easy as opening the box and an electronic voice talks you through what to do. It senses for a pulse and will only operate the electric shock if none is detected so the decision making is conducted by the machine rather than you.

Thanks to all who attended the training and thanks to Jeremy Higson for championing the cause on this vital piece of equipment.

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