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Avon rib

Hi all This is a request for help. The avon I believe has recently been filled with water to a consideràble depth. Since then we have power from the battery to the engine and a fully charged battery. We do not have any turnover from the switch to the engine. Does anybody who knows what they are doing have the necessary testers to test the electrics and repair please.If not thats fine also but thought I would ask before going outside of the club. Thank you Steve Steve ward
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Safety First

With the sailing season now drawing in those hardy enough to sail in the cold and windy conditions that Autumn and Winter bring we will blog a few reminders so members can refresh themselves on some of the rules of the road and of the club. The first is a reminder that all club members need to turn up on their assigned duty date to ensure safe sailing. If people do not attend then it is the OODs decision as to whether to sail and he or she may request further volunteers on the day if the conditions require it or may close the water if this is not possible.

Here is a guide that was put out for Tuesday and Wednesday sailing in the summer which is equally applicable at the weekends - please support all safety aspects of the club as it is priority number 1.


  • Responsible person.

The Officer of the Day (OOD) is responsible for deciding whether they have adequate safety cover on the water for the prevailing and forecast conditions.

Sailors are responsible for evaluating the conditions and sign on at their own risk and judgement based on prevailing conditions and their sailing ability. If in doubt don’t go out.

  • Safety Cover.

It is the OOD’s responsibility to ensure that safety cover on the water is adequate to manage the risk. Risk increases relative to:

  • Wind Speed: higher wind = Higher risk
  • Age: Juniors / Over 65 = Higher risk (less strength / risk of health complications)
  • Experience: Novices = Higher risk
  • Quantity of Boats: More boats = Higher risk

A combination of the above factors can result in a significant increase in risk. It is the OODs responsibility to ensure they are satisfied that sufficient cover has been provided for the risk factors evident on the day. If in doubt put another safety boat and crew out on the water (from those available on the day) or if this is not possible close the gates.

For info the RYA provides guidelines for Junior sailors of 1 safety boat for 15 sailing boats. There is no guideline for general sailing.

The minimum requirement at the club is 1 Safety boat on the water at all times. When in motion as a safety boat it must have 2 crew (1 driver, 1 assistant) to ensure recovery can be administered safely.

  • Responsibility to assist a boat in trouble.

Sailors are reminded that vessels in the vicinity of a boat / crew in trouble have a duty to assist. This may be just a quick check to confirm the crew of a capsized boat are in control of their situation, or in extreme circumstances may require active rescue to recover the crew of the vessel in trouble.

We all capsize from time to time and even the most experienced can get into escallating difficulty when a number of contributing factors combine - please respect the decisions of the OOD when they make a call on the grounds of safety, and please, please, please keep to your commitment when signing up to do your rescue duty.


Bartley Sailing Committee

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Bartley Bear Sprint Racing

Jeremy Higson has kindly aranged some sprint racing for the Laser fleet (and other classes by arrangement). Details below:


25th Nov 18

9th Dec 18

20th Jan 19

17th Feb 19

Classes: Standard Lasers, 4.7, and Radial (other classes welcome just ask).

Briefing 10.30 am

Full safety cover

6-12 Races, 8 to count , 1 discard,

Start sequence 3,2,1, Go

Short Start Lines

10-15 minute races

Simple Trapezoidal Course or Triangle, all Marks to Port, through the gate every lap,

Winner In each Race To wear Yellow Bib

Format:- is to race 5-6 races ,Lunch then 5-6 races, back to the clubhouse to watch videos and

discuss antics from the day.

We have a Trophy for the fastest Laser on the day

£5 entry for visitors. Free to Bartley club members.

Imperial Sailing will provide Laser Camera Mounts, just bring along a Go-Pro Camera if you have


Please reply to the mail below if you are interested to give me an idea of numbers.

Organiser: Jeremy Higson


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Galley to Re-open Saturday 17th November

We are pleased to announce that the Galley will re-open on 17th November from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Leanne who runs Tillies Taters from the dinghy park will be taking on the Galley for us and will be reaching out to club members and membership groups (Birmingham Uni etc.) in due course to ensure the menu choices meet your needs.

The success of this arrangement depends entirely on club members using this fantastic service so please purchase food and drink from the galley when you are at the club to support this venture and ensure its continuation.

We hope you enjoy the food and help Leanne to provide a profitable service for the club.

There will be further notices regarding the Bar in due course.

Best regards


Bartley S.C. Committee


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John Ling makes it 2 traveller series wins in the Laser

Congratulations to John Ling for a second series win in the Laser Wessex Grand Prix after an eventful open at Frampton which saw 4 Bartley boats in the top 6 (John 1st, Simon 2nd, Jeremy 4th, Robin 6th) and Harrison taking the 1st 4.7 slot sailing particularly well in a very gusty force 4 to 6 (even beating some full rigs and radials).

Frampton put on some great racing, a lovely ploughmans lunch with much needed soup, and handled the event extremely well. Jamie and Tina Lavender provided a nice wrap up to the series with the prizes offered from Dinghybuyerdirect.com.

The Bartley synchronised swimming team was caught on camera as John wiped out at the leeward mark taking me with him! Luckily the only casulty was my burgee which is somewhere in the mud at the bottom - so if anyone wants to buy me a christmas present you know what to get...:)

Photo by Alistair Hunter - well caught!!!!


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Garry Butterfield Wins the Supernova Travellers Trophy

It's been a fantastic year for the Bartley Supernovas, topped off by Gary Butterfield taking home the travellers trophy at the last event! Gary put together a really consistent set of results, especially towards the end of the year. Well done Gary! 
That means Bartley ends the year with the Travellers trophy, the Team prize and the Nationals champion , cementing our place as the number 1 Supernova club in the UK. Now we just need the inlands for the clean sweep next year.....

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Thank you Frank!

You may or may not know that this is Frank's final weekend after over 18 years of loyal service to the club.

Frank has been by the entrance gates or patrolling the general area in all weathers making sure members and non-members are directed to the correct part of the club and ensuring that the right people come in and the wrong people don't!

On behalf of the club membership and management we wish you all the best for the future Frank and hope to see you using your honorary membership to pop back and visit us from time to time.

If you are at the club this weekend please stop and have a chat with Frank to show your appreciation.


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Galley and Bar will be closed until further notice.

Dear members,

Please be aware that the bar and galley will be closed until further notice and that the current club management arrangement will no longer be operational. Further updates will be provided in due course and we would appreciate your support and patience whilst we work through the actions that now need to be put in place.

In the mean time feel free to consume packed lunches and socialise in the main club area. We would ask that you do your best to leave the premises tidy when you have finished - your help with this is much appreciated.

Bartley SC Committee.

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Lasers in the lashing rain!



Room at the mark!

Despite the weather 36 lasers travelled to the Midland traveller series finale at Bartley on Sunday 14th October to sail in a North North Westerly in the pouring rain!

Race office Steve Ward and his crew quickly set a great course maximising the beats and runs on the lake to make the racing tight for the fleet. With the course being windward - leeward it was important to get ahead of the fleet and into clear air which John Ling managed to do from the start leaving the chasing pack covering each others wind and slowing themselves down. Numerous battles took place throughout the fleet, most noticeably between Bartley commodore Caroline Whitehouse and Paul Keeling from Blithfield fighting for second place who exchanged places throughout and reminded us all that Lasers are not a class you can win by throwing money at new equipment with both boats over 30 years old. In the end it was Caroline who played the final beat right taking second from Paul.

If nothing else the first race showed that the new handicap racing for radials and 4.7s for the Midlands series could really mix things up with Ellie Craig taking 5th place in a radial from Megan Hardiman in a 4.7 in 6th place and Jamie Mason and Greg Corves both placing their radials in the top 10 - fantastic news for junior and youth sailing.

Steve (frozen rigid) lashed to the fantastic new flagpole arrangement on the Jaffa courtesy of David Badger

After race one the fleet were glad to come into the warm and dry and refuel on curry and chilli con carne expertly prepared by Dee and the Galley crew and some time to catch up with friends from the circuit and a few former Bartley sailors (Hello Anna and Izzy!).

There was a slight reluctance to get back out into the rain but Steve got us all motivated and race 2 was on. This time it was me who managed to pop out of the front of the fleet and disappear into the distance leaving John Ling and Lazaros Andronis to follow on in 2nd and 3rd and Paul and Caroline to battle it out again for 4th and 5th in the standards.

In the radials Ellie once again showed the way taking 5th overal ahead of Jamie Mason and Greg Corves.

The 4.7s were very closely contested with each of the competitors leading their fleet at some stage in the race. At the finish line it was Megan Hardiman from Josh Oates and Harrison Allen, who were determined not to be beaten by a girl for the third time in the final race...

The only photo of me in the lead ever taken - so its going on the blog!

Race 3 saw a change of course as the wind swung to the North one minute before the start was about to take place. Steve and team quickly rearanged the start line and got us off to a race of beats and runs the length of the water. This time it was Jeremy Higson who got ahead at the start and never looked back despite John's best efforts to catch him. Paul Keeling remained as consistent as every to take the 3rd Standard spot, with a few people deciding they were not wet enough and going for a swim (Mike Homer - 5 capsizes, Adam Hague - learning that toe-strap maintenance is important, Caroline Whitehouse - remembering what windward capsizes feel like, to name just a few). The real suprise for many of us came when the results were published as the course was clearly great for radials with Ellie Craig taking 1st radial and 2nd in the race, Dan Keenan 2nd radial and 4th overall, and Greg Corves 3rd radial and 5th overall. In fact over half of the top 12 places were taken by radials and 4.7s.

In the 4.7s Harrison finally got the better of Megan to take 1st 4.7 and joint 11th in the race overall - the banter continued long into the afternoon...

Commodores caption competition - entries to

With the sailing done for the day the soggy sailors returned to the bar for a mega prizegiving for the day and for the traveller series. Thanks to John for organising a great day and prizegiving, thanks to all who travelled from both Midlands and Wessex regions, and thanks to the race and galley teams for organising us all.

Full report for the event and the series can be found on Yachts and Yachting. Full results for the open will be published shortly on the 'results' page.


1st     John Ling

2nd   Simon Hardiman

3rd    Paul Keeling


1st    Ellie Craig

2nd  Greg Corves

3rd   Jamie Mason


1st   Megan Hardiman

2nd  Harisson Allen

3rd  Josh Oates

(another) One for the album!

The elite atheletes that are 'the Midlands Travellers'...

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Saturdays Speacial @ the galley

Hi members,

Chicken curry and a hot drink on offer this Saturday for £5 when it gone it's gone!! please pre order b4 sailing other food options available also.

Many thanks Dee 

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