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Sailing and Coronavirus COVID-19   21st May 2020

During the period of Lockdown, Dutyman will continue to run in the background. (We have left the previous information relating to Duty further on down this page in case people wish to review or download details)


As of Wednesday 27th May 2020,  a limited return of casual sailing and water activity use by members will be permitted, in line with the Government guideline announcements. All formal racing and other events continue to be suspended until further notice.

We wish to schedule activity (sessions) for Tuesday evening, Wednesday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday. The Duty Crew for each session (i.e. the Officer of the Day and Support Boat personnel) will be selected from those people attending.

Premises (outside) access will require you to maintain social distancing at all times.

Building (inside) access will be limited to access to the disabled toilet only - there will be no access to changing rooms, loos, showers, galley or bar.

Other than the controlled use of Support Boats there will be no access to club boats, club wetsuits or club lifejackets.

It is a condition that YOU HAVE READ THE DETAILS OF HOW THIS WILL RUN which are be available for DOWNLOAD HERE.

COVID19 Strategy and Procedures

COVID19 Posters

COVID19 SUP Operation

You will need to pre-register your interest for whichever session you wish to attend with Simon Hardiman, including a mobile telephone number, by email to

21/05/2020 Stay Safe



Previous Duty Information below (currently superceded by COV-19 partial use as detailed above)

All club members are required to cover duties each year as part of their membership. This ensures that there are sufficient crew available for the support boats and to organise racing. Members have a choice of Spring/Autumn or Summer/Winter rotas. Members can request a specific day by completing the Duty Request Form below.

On this page, you will find:

Instructions for OOD and Safety Crew - See also Quick Start Guide below

View the OOD Quick Start Guide

Support Boat Handling

Bartley Sailing Club strives to raise safety levels for Club members and other authorised users of Bartley reservoir and the use of support boats is paramount to this.

As part of our lease with Severn Trent, Bartley Sailing Club is committed to training coxswains to RYA Power Boat Level 2. This is an ongoing program and we ask as many members as possible to apply for the courses run by our volunteers. It is important to note that if members do not hold an RYA PB2 certificate they will still be required to do duties but may not be able to drive the support boats as a designated Support Boat Driver; other duties may include Officer of the Day, Assistant Officer of the Day or as Support Boat Crew. 

Contact: Dave Jones

RYA PB2 power boat courses are available for anyone wishing to undertake more intensive training and obtain power boat certificates.

Contact: Dave Jones

Duty Rota

Bartley Sailing Club uses Dutyman to publish its up-to-date duty roster on the web, and to email duty reminders. You will be sent a reminder 21 and 7 days prior to your duty. You can use Dutyman to review the duty roster, to check the details of your own duties, confirm that you will attend and to arrange duty swaps.

To link to your Dutyman click here...

If you are not registered with Dutyman, send an email to

Members unsure as to how to use Dutyman can visit the Demonstration Website by browsing onto www.dutyman.biz then go to "interactive demo" and follow the instructions. Do not register for a free trial, as the Club is already registered.

Open Meetings

In order to ensure that Club open meetings are adequately resourced, members participating in Club open meetings may be asked to carry out duties at a Club open meeting other than the one in which they entered. This will be an additional duty to those rostered. If approached by a Fleet Captain organising an event, please do your best to support them.


You should arrange to be on site between 09:30am and 5:00 pm, suitably equipped to be on the water for the expected weather conditions. If you require to swap duties, please use Dutyman for those members who have provided an email address. If you are not registered with Dutyman and swap your duty, please inform the respective OoD. OoDs (and duty crew) should make themselves familiar with the OoD Instructions below.

Should you wish to make a request for future duty days, please use the proforma below.

Download Duty Request Form Duty Request Form

Instructions for OoD and Duty Crew - See also the OOD Quick Start Guide

View the OOD Quick Start Guide