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Bartley Sailing Club will be CLOSED on Sunday 10th due to bad weather. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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Hardon Dinghy Ltd are bringing 2 of their Hadron H2 singlehanded dinghies to Bartley on Sunday 17th December for club members to try.

The boats will be rigged and ready for 10:30 are will be available for members to trial. Please find below a link to the website which will give the philosophy behind the design and the specifications.

Please let me know if you would like a sail and we can schedule the day to ensure anyone who would like to try one out will get the chance.

Mark Reddington

 Hadron H2 - A new Development in Singlehanded Sailing

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You may have noticed a few new faces around the club recently as some Barnt Green SC members have migrated to Bartley due to a period of repairs draining the water at their club.

We wish all Barnt Green members a warm welcome (in the cold weather!) and hope you take full advantage of what Bartley has to offer. There have already been some changes in the usual racing order as a result and it is great to have some new competition on the water.

Thanks to those who have chosen to sail at Bartley, we hope you find the club to your liking and encourage other Barnt Green sailors to chose Bartley whilst repairs are underway at Barnt Green.

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The sailing committe met on Wednesday with the following updates resultant:

Item 1. Comfort break between the two afternoon races on Saturdays.

The committee reviewed feedback from some of the membership to reinstate the comfort break between races (which had been removed based on the need for sailors to keep warm between races during the winter months). The decision was to give the OOD the discretion to sail the races back to back or allow a short comfort break between races.

It is therefore up to any sailors requiring a comfort break to advise this to the OOD before launching for the first afternoon race so the request can be accommodated.

It is also requested that the sailors can be ready for a latest start to the second race of the afternoon by 2.30pm so those remaining on the water do not get frozen.

The sailing committee viewed this as the best compromise for all circumstances.

Item 2. Change of course between Saturday Race 2 and Race 3 in the afternoon.

Currently there is no means of indicating a change of course bewteen the afternoon races. It was decided that flag L with one sound signal will be used to notify sailors of a change of course between the 2 races. It is up to the OOD to post the new course on the course board and make the sailors remaining of the water aware of the new course either by using the course board displayed on a committee boat, or verbally.

 b2ap3_thumbnail_Flag-L.gif  Flag L + 1 sound signal for notification of change of course

This instruction will be posted in the OOD hut as a reminder.

Item 3. Signing on for race 3 Saturday

Those signing on for race 2 (Pursuit) on Saturday will automatically be signed on for race 3 (handicap). Those just competing in the final race will need to sign on in the usual manner.

Item 4. Conduct

The club has done well to encourage a number of new members and junior members who are now participating in racing on a more regular basis on Saturday mornings. The behaviours of more experienced members on and off the water will set the standards for those less experienced to look up to. Please make this standard one of welcome and expemplary sportsmanship for our juniors and novices on and off the water.

Item 5. Rescue Duty

Sunday - it is expected that the duty crew remain throughout the day to cover the possibility of members arriving in the afternoon to participate in any of the water sports the club caters for (Windsurfing, Canoeing, SUP). An early finish because it is too windy or not windy enough to dinghy sail may provide the best opportunity for those wishing to Windsurf, SUP, or Canoe and as paying members the duty crew need to ensure their needs are appropriately catered for.

General - If you suscribe to the Blog then it is likely that you are a member who keeps your commitments to the club. However we are finding It is rare that all allocated duty crew turn up on the day allocated to them. It is a term of membership that all carry out their 2 duties per year and there is plenty of time to request swaps on dutyman. Please ensure we all stay safe by attending per the rosta.

Item 6. Sailing Committee

The sailing committee has voluntary representation from all main racing fleets and aims to keep the balance right for the needs of the membership. We acknowledge that there is not always a single best way for all membership needs to be addressed and ask that any individuals that have issues they wish to raise do so with one of the committee for consideration at the monthly meeting. The committee are:

Chair / Laser:                              John Ling

Laser, K2O, and Windsurf:         Simon Hardiman

Solo:                                           Dave Badger / Nick Eves

Phantom:                                    Graham Blackwell

Supernova:                                 Gary Butterfield

RS400:                                       John and Sam Knight / Nick Eves

If you feel your fleet is under-represented or you could contribute positively to the committee please contact us as we are always looking for more volunteers to progress the club and it's sailing format in a positive direction...

See you on the water and enjoy your sailing at Bartley SC.


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Wednesday sailing duty reminder

Please can you sing up for duties for wednesday sailing



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Calling anyone interested in RYA Safety Boat course

Calling anyone interested in RYA Safety Boat course


Calling anyone interested in RYA Safety Boat course

Have you held a powerboat certificate for over a year? Do you want to progress to the safety boat endorsement?

Dave Jones (our Principle PB Instructor) is now registering interest across the club to run one or two safety boat courses over the winter season.

The courses are to be run over three days (Day 1 – driving skills refresh, Day 2 and 3 Safety Boat course proper)

To run a course requires at least six candidates due to the logistics of equipment (sail craft and canoes) which are rescued. Dave will collect names and correspond directly to arrange the best fit for the majority.

Course fee will be a £20 donation to the club

Dave Jones

Land: 01216025328

Mob:  07873633370


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The Autumn race format starting October 7th will continue the successful format run over the Summer with the following seasonal 'tweaks':

The Saturday Races will be pulled forward by 1/2 hr to reflect the daylight hours during Autumn / Winter.

The final race on Saturday will start as soon as possible after race 2 so that sailors do not get too cold between races as the temperature drops.

Race 1 Handicap including novice and juniors

10.50     10 minute warning

11.00     Fast fleet start

11.02     Slow fleet start

11.04     Junior / Novice Start

Race 2 Pursuit

12.35     10 minute warning

12.45     Mirror start

14.00     Finish

Race 3 Handicap (Timing to be determined by the OOD on the day to start as soon as possible after race 2)

Earliest timing:

14.05     10 minute warning

14.15     Fast fleet start

14.17     Slow fleet start

Sunday race times to remain the same as Summer Series.

I plan to conduct a few sessions to coach the novices and juniors before the first race on Saturday to help with starting, mark rounding, racing rules, trim and tactics. I will post on the blog the week before these take place so those who are interested can turn up a bit earlier to practice.

Hope to see as many of you as possible sailing over the autumn and winter....

Simon Hardiman Laser 212061

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Flying Solo!


Well I have seen it all now - a Solo completely out of the water bar its foils having hit a 32 knot gust at buoy '0', tightened up, hit a wave, taken off, and then slapped down for a capsize! And that was only a taste of the fun the Solo fleet had at the Bartley Open on Sunday.

17 took to the water, 1 returned straight away..., 8 remained by the end of the day staggering around, soaked through, but with grins from ear to ear.

Full report on Y&Y www.yachtsandyachting.com/news/198827/Solos-at-Bartley

Thanks to the competitiors for the entertainment, the rescue crew for a hard days work, the galley for feeding us on time, and Nick Thornton for organising the event (and special thanks to his wife for compiling the results year after year).

We asked for wind after the last 2 years drifting - and it all came at once!

Well done to Howard, Ian, and Neil - the top 3 Bartley boats.


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A MASSIVE thank you to the Bartley Stand Up Paddle Boarders (SUP) for the great job they did on Sunday morning. The working party showed just how much can be done with a well organised team and an array of power tools!

The area in front of the OOD hut from end to end of the fence is now clear of rubbish, strimmed and trimmed, and looking like a club the membership can be proud of.

Thanks to all who helped out on the day (although some of you looked like you were enjoying strimming just a little too much - you know who you are...) it has made a real difference to the look of the foreshore.

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Bartley Juniors at the RYA Zone Championships


Harrison Allen and Millie Hardiman both represented Bartley K2O in their first 'main fleet' experience at the RYA Zone Championships at Rutland (Toppers) and Leigh and Lowton (Teras). Both sailors had to battle hard in large fleets and learned what it was like to start in a big fleet on an Olympic-style course. The level of competition was high as the event was a squad selector for the RYA youth squads giving both our junior sailors a taste of what it takes to compete at national level. Both took away some key learning and experience to consolidate over the winter season and are already champing at the bit to get their race tactics tuned at the Bartley Saturday morning race ready for the 2018 Open circuit!

Well done to both sailors!

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Bartley Boys on Tour Laser Trimpley Grand Prix

"Bartley Boys on Tour"

It was a rather grim, wet and windy day for the Trimpley Laser Grand Prix Open on Sunday 4th Sep 17, but that didn't deter John Ling and Richard (Baker Boy) from making the short trip to the beautifully positioned reservoir next to the River Severn.

17 boats signed on which including with some of the Top travelling sailors, so considering the conditions, was a good turnout for the host club.

Race 1 started with strong gusty and was very shifty, with many of the blasts squalls hitting from completely different angles to the prevailing wind, which certainly kept everybody on their toes. Our guys (John and Richard) were on fire and both had a great start, but it was John who took a commanding lead and led the pack for the complete race even after a dodge call for him to do a 720!. Richard put all his Bartley skills to work and battled hard in the strong fleet and managed to finish 5th which taking into consideration the fleet standard was a great result.

Race 2 kicked off after a short lunch, but it looked like John and Baker boy had eaten too many of those fantastic cakes and both had terrible starts. Although Richard did recover well during the second lap, he was very unlucky on the downwind leg as he went towards the dam tower but the wind came in on the left and he was caught again, in the end Richard finished in the middle of the pack taking 7th. John pushed hard all race and gradually roped in the fleet which left him and Richard Mason to battle it out hard on the last lap, so despite being held back at the start John claimed another 1st

Race 3 John’s starts didn't get any better for the third and final race as the OOD called him over the line, where have we heard that one before..... Richard had a fantastic start crossing the fleet with Andy Allan and Paul Powell and also managed to avoid the carnage at the first windward mark, with around 15 boats coming in at all angles. The wind came in strong on the downwind leg and John managed to go wide to recover to an impressive position with Richard holding onto the top place. But on the beat the changing direction allowed for big gains and John came through to take honours for the final race with Richard taking an impressive 3rd.

Overall Richard managed 5th place which was BRILLIANT result, with John finishing a well-deserved 1st. A great day of sailing and a fantastic friendly club.


Richard BakerP1020015 2

Laser 208670

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Tonight is the last Laser/Solo tueday racing.. then the 5th is Prize giving and bottle race

AND THEN THERE WAS ONE LEFT… feels strange to be at the last race of the Laser Tue series…2017

STATS for the Laser season

28 different sailors

13 qualifiers

3 Ladies  (one of which is currently winning)

4 youths

And lots of brownies


ONE LEFT !!!!!!: RACE 21 Tuesday Night Laser Series at BSC  29th Aug 2017

After tonight we shall be having a bottle race 5th Sept and it’s the Annual Prize Giving and Curry super!!!



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RS400 Nationals 2017 - Mounts Bay Sailing Club

It was with some trepidation that I eventually agreed to crew in the RS400 Nationals this year.... Like many, I wasn't born into this sport, I didn't do the rounds with the Oppies or Toppers, and I was certainly nowhere near the Laser squads! So for us late comers, any event can seem quite daunting, let alone a National Championships.  What made the decision equally difficult, was that the two sailors that asked me to crew for them, are both very credible helms. 

The decision was made, and trepidation soon turned into nerves - this is my hobby, why do I get nervous ?!   The nerves were seamingly justified, as day 1 dawned..... to a very misty Mount, around 20 knots of breeze.... and oh yes, that other thing I hadn't encountered in an RS400 - waves...... big waves.  The sail out to the start area was interesting enough,  you know the conditions aren't great, when you're struggling to see the leeward gate, let alone the windward mark.

Off we go, day 1, race 1.  Maybe there's an assumption that everyone understands that things are going to be slightly more lumpy on the sea, and I certainly had this in my head, but until you're actually out there,  you don't realise quite how difficult even the basics become. At a fleet talk given by Russ Clark, one of the top 400 sailors in the country, Dave Exley, said that on day 1 of the nationals, he didn't know what his settings were..... with the combination of the wind, rain, waves, it was just a tad disorientating...   So, first race, a quarter of the way up the beat, we go for a tack. I drop the sheet, and like a muppet go back for it - in the meantime, we get slammed by one of the monster waves.   

So... the boat is on it's side, we think the main has cleated, and it takes an absolute age for us to right the boat.  When eventually, we do right the boat, there are around 70 RS400's disappearing into the mist about 200 yards in front - not a pretty site.

There were quite a few DNF's, but we did manage to recover a few places, and ended up 52nd. 

With every event, you'll usually have some highs and lows, undoubtedly, the capsize was one of our lows. For me, one of the biggest highs is a more general point. With our extended sailing family (Sam & Ben Pickering from Chasewater), Bartley / Chase had 5 boats in attendance at the event, so it's important that wives, girlfriends, kids etc all feel like they're part of the team.  My 16 year old daughter was on the fringes a little, waiting for her GCSE results & unable to get them until we returned from Cornwall. But everyone really made Wendy & Emily feel like they were part of the family.

The RS400 team also helped with events planned for every night of the week.... even a reception with Lord Levan on the mount ..b2ap3_thumbnail_21032386_10101307286396617_2031331449130130490_n.jpg

And the Bartley team had a great night out at The Fire Engine Inn


I can't sign off without mentioning probably one of the best days sailing I've ever had. Conditions are rarely perfect, too much wind, not enough wind etc etc. But on Tuesday the sailing gods were smiling on all of us. A beautiful day, wall to wall sunshine and I'm guessing the wind was somewhere in the mid to upper teens. You'd think on a clear day like this you'd be able to spot the windward mark... but our RO had other ideas, we think the first beat was somewhere in the region of 1.5 miles. We came out of the start gate relatively early, and held our lane.... rounded the windward mark in 7th... blasted around the course to finish a very credible 8th. The result in the 2nd race of the day wasn't as good... but we had a pod of dolphins join us - what a way to finish the day!

Like many, I like to reflect on the event, what it means to me, what could I have done differently & what have I learned.

Those that are wary, don't be, a glance down the results will show you, that whatever your ability, there will always be someone you can race against.  You'll probably be nervous, but nerves will soon diminish - especially if you're lucky enough to be visited by dolphins.

Lessons ?

1) I'm not fit enough!

2) Never believe a helm that tells you he's not bothered about the results !

3) Enjoy


There are some great pics on photolounge.co.uk  take 5 mins & have a look

400 Nationals

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Calling all Tuesday night sailors "only two more left"

So far we have completed 19 races and its very tight!!! and so close at the TOP middle and sliver fleets… ONLY 1 point splits the leaders… so you only have two chances left to improve your positions.


RACE 19 Tuesday Night Laser Series results at BSC 15th Aug 2017… haven’t yet been posted by Mark so I have sent an email attaching a pdf file for your reading .

With sailors like Robin Pitt, Mike Acaster Roger England all can still qualify, if they turn up!!!! it’s still anyone’s game..

Remember on the 5th September we are having the BOTTLE RACE & PRIZE GIVING evening… it’s should be so much fun..

Kind regards


Bartley SC - Chairman of Sailing Committee

Mobile: 079 20020036


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Harrison Allen crownd NSSA National Topper Rookie Champion 2017

WOW... WELL DONE Harrison great achievement, we all are so proud of you.... crowned NSSA National Topper Rookie Champion 2017.

Thought you would be pleased to know Harrison won the Topper rookie series at the NSSA national regatta, it all came down to the last race which was almost cancelled due to extreme winds, but he made some good moves and was leading for the very start. He also won the best performance from a Birmingham sailor in the regatta.

On facebook the reports kept us all in suspense as Marie Allen (Chuffed Mummy and Lee Proud daddy) let us all know that their boy only went and won!

This was his first time racing away from Bartley and first racing in a topper now the National Schools Sailing Association, so to manage winning the Topper Rookie series and highest placed Birmingham sailor is just amazing...also when you realise he has only been sailing less than a year!

Proud moment for all involved... also a big shout out to the rest of the team and a huge thanks to Julian from KNBS for looking after them all. ????⛵️

Kind regards

John Ling

Bartley SC Sailing Committee Chairman

b2ap3_thumbnail_image1.JPGHarrison in action on the last day

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Posted by on in Latest News

Please can all members go to the blog page and press SUBSCRIBE TO BLOG... this way you will be reminded of blog features and this ensure you get regular updates.


Kind regards


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L2 Powerboat Training dates 2017

L2 Powerboat Training dates 2017

L2 Powerboat Training dates 2017

It is essential that we have as many members as possible who have the skill and experience to drive the club rescue boats safely. It is a requirement placed on us that all rescue boat drivers have L2 powerboat qualification. We are proving this training "in house", so that members can gain this qualification without the cost of a commercial course, or attending another centre.

I am now taking bookings for courses through to the need of 2017 as per the dates below. Bookings will be taken on a first come basis.

Each course is two days long, run over consecutive Sundays.

September            3rd and 10th

October                 8th and 15th

November             5th and 12th

December             10th and 17th

The course costs £20 to cover the cost of the course manual, which needs to be purchased in advance.

Apply now for a place to obtain your L2 Powerboat certificate.

To book or find out more, contact Dave Jones via email , or phone 07873633370

Dave Jones

Principle Powerboat Instructor

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RS Tera Inlands - Always the Bridesmaid...


The RS Tera inland Championships at Rutland was attended by Megan and Millie from Bartley SC on a sunny weekend with near perfect conditions. The Main RS Tera sport fleet attracted over 50 competitors and required good tactics in a shifty and gusty Breeze. Megan had her best 4 races on the first day gaining placings in the top 15 and finishing 19th at the end of the Saturday. The second day proved harder to read and she dropped a little to finish 23rd overall in a highly competitive fleet, but returned to shore with a huge grin after sailing in the stronger winds on Sunday and happy to be in the top half of the fleet.

Millie entered the 12 strong Regatta fleet which proved to have tougher competition than she has faced in other events. It soon became apparent that one of the local sailors would wrap up the overall win leaving the rest of the fleet to fight it out for 2nd. With 10 coached races and a rapidly improving fleet Millie had to work hard and apply all she had learnt to keep ahead. She managed to win one of the races and then consistency proved to be the eventual differentiator with top 6 placings in every race including many in the top 3 she maintained her first day advantage to finish 2nd place Inland Regatta fleet Champion at the close of the weekend. This is the 3rd event she has taken the 2nd prize so a feeling of 'always the Bridesmaid, never the Bride...' is beginning to prevail, maybe the illusive win will come at the end of seasons, then it really will be time to move into the main fleet and play with the big kids...


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Posted by on in Latest News

The Bartley Lasers blast through in Chew for the Wessex series with Ed Higson 1st, Robin 7th and Jeremy 10th, with an honorary placing for Anna Mason (as she used to be Bartley) as 5th Radial.... 35 entrants, so a great result for our club (and Anna).

Report in Y&Y. And what a photo of Robin pinching to the mark in that Rio boat of his...



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Posted by on in Latest News

A great evening of sailing and SUP (paddleboards - and beer supping) was had by all last night.

In the Lasers Richard 'Baker Boy' was quick to the lead ahead of Simon, Robin, and Michael who were covering each other in a match race that Jeremy S wanted a part of in his Fin on the first lap. As the laps increased the competition got as hot as the weather with Ollie steaming through on the run but chancing it with the gusts to take a dip to windward to cool himself down. Richard fell into the trap of looking behind as Simon reeled him in on some lucky lifts to finally take the lead with a lap to go. As the final reach to the finish approached 1st to 5th were all within 1 minute of each other after an hour of racing - Simon got the win followed closely by Richard, Robin, Jeremy H, Michael, and a sundried Ollie. Katie defected from the SUP team for the evening to be first lady helm with Izzy retiring with a dodgy clew strap (sales opportunity John...). Harrison had a great race in his radial as the only junior but we will have to wait until John gets back to see where he finished on handicap.

The 400s were out after unpacking from a weekend drifter at Hayling that sounded eventful - especially the rafting at the mark and the 200s steaming in...

The Solos were also out in force enjoying the perfect conditions.

And of course the SUP team were out with many new members having a go, great to see this part of the club expanding so rapidly - (I can see an alternative race format for those weeks when there is no wind for the fleets).

So if you haven't discovered Tuesday evening sailing / SUP yet you really should - Hope to see you on the water soon.


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